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With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, our games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Check out our great range of wargames figures and tabletop miniatures in the Shop or learn more about fantasy and sci-fi races such as Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin and Orcs in the Games Section.

Our miniatures are fully compatible with all major gaming systems including Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, Privateers Press' Warmachine and Hordes as well as Infinity and Mercs.

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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games

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Kings of War

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Kings of War

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Kings of War

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Warpath Universe

Warpath Universe


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Kings of War

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Latest updates

Enforcers: Strategies and Tactics

Enforcer Strike Teams win games by controlling the battlefield. It is not always necessary to wipe out your opponent (although it certainly never hurts); if you can focus on your mission objectives, concentrate your fire on key enemy models, and prevent your opponent from contesting the objectives through pinning key enemy models, you will be able to defeat forces who would otherwise outnumber you. For this article, we will focus on the Patrol mission, although the tactics discussed will be broadly applicable to most mission types. The Patrol mission awards VPs for eliminating enemy models, and for controlling objectives, of which there are four: Two 1VP objectives close to each player’s deployment zone, and two 2VP objectives towards the center of the mat. The quicker you can make a play for the central objectives the better – not only will you start earning VP sooner, you will put pressure on your opponent to react to your plan instead of implementing their own, throwing them off their battle plan. Enforcers, as a rule, will have fewer models – and thus, fewer activations – than their opponents. This means you have to choose your engagements wisely, moving your models to where they [...]

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Enforcers: Building your first Strike Teams

The Enforcers are the iron fist of the Council of Seven, the stern right hand that keeps the thousands of worlds in the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere in line. The threat of an Enforcer deployment is enough to make even the largest Corporations to accede to the harshest Council edict, and they are the only GCPS military force with the training, equipment, and unwavering discipline necessary to enforce a Containment Protocol. They live only for their mission, and for the Council. This commitment leaves them perfectly suited for Deadzones, where civilian lives are, by necessity, written off to keep the Council’s dirty secret – that the universe is not under humanity’s control. Hidden behind the neon glow and glamour of Corporate life, is a cosmos brimming with threats to life, sanity, and more importantly, the bottom line. The Enforcers may be monsters, but they are the Council’s inhuman monsters; and in this universe, it takes monsters to keep humanity safe. For the player, the Enforcers offer the chance to play a small, elite group of soldiers that may be frequently outnumbered but are never outgunned. Your enemies will be driven back by a withering hail of heavy laser fire, picked off [...]

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Enforcers: Faction Booster Unboxing

The Enforcer Faction Booster has a great range of models to add to your Strike Team. Offering some of the more exotic choices from the Enforcer faction, including Jetbikes, Peacekeepers and Defenders, these units can be used to either add to a Faction Starter (or the Starter Set) or be fielded on their own, using only contents of the box. The Jetbikes are new hard plastic miniatures for this edition. They are fast moving, agile unit who can bring a wealth of firepower to the board. As default, they are armed with a hull mounted, double-barrelled variant of the standard laser rifle. They can be upgraded with other heavy weapons from the Enforcers’ arsenal, such as Burst Lasers and Missile Launchers. These are especially helpful in Breakthrough missions – reaching the other side of the board in just two turns! The Peacekeepers are some of the heaviest infantry in the game. Their default weapons are powerful, consisting of a Dominator Rifle and Energy Gauntlet. They’re capable of punching opponents from their feet, and withstanding heavy firepower thanks to their armour. They also have jump packs like the rest of the Enforcer and can  mount heavy weapons on their armour. The [...]

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Deadzone: Starters and Boosters

For the release of 2nd Edition, we’ve repackaged the entire Deadzone range to make it easier and simpler to get into, but keeping the great value. Each set has a wide range of troops and specialist so you can use them to build a variety of balanced forces. The idea is that these all that you need to play games of Deadzone. The breakdown is simple. A Faction Starter contains a selection of Troops, Specialists and Commanders to get started with a Deadzone Faction. A Faction Booster contains additional units that are rarely found in Strike Teams; Vehicles or elite units, but can still be used to field a Strike Team in their own right. With reinforcements on the way for each and every faction, these new units will be available through the new sets, from the Asterian Kalyshi to the Enforcer Pathfinders. Each set gives you everything you need to build your Strike Team in one box (at a great price, too), allowing for a wide variety of builds and playstyles. If you are looking to play in a campaign, the the Faction sets are exactly the right size to field a 500 point campaign army from the Rulebook [...]

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Mantic Open Day May 2016!

On Saturday 21st May Mantic opens its doors once more for the Mantic Open Day! Celebrating the launch of Deadzone 2nd Edition, we’ll be running loads of amazing games and activities as well as behind the scenes looks at the world of Mantic! The Mantic store will be open, with stock from all of our ranges including the brand new Deadzone! Buy three items, get the cheapest for free! Our Studio will have sneak peaks of up coming models, prototypes, as well as being on hand to answer any questions. The Leicester Phat Cats will be running two display games – one for Kings of War and one using the Beta rules for Warpath, so you can see the game in action! Use our hobby workshop to get tips on building Battlezones for Deadzone and Warpath. Paint up a Deadzone miniature on the day – entries will be judged at 3.00 PM and prizes awarded for the best models! We’ll have loads of demo games running on the day, including the new edition of Deadzone. Ronnie and the Design team will be running their famous Seminars, fielding questions and spilling the beans on future releases. Doors open at 10.00 AM. [...]

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Enforcers: Faction Starter Unboxing

The Enforcer Faction Starter contains all of the models you need to build your own strike team of these elite soldiers. Designed to be a great starting point for Deadzone players, the box contains a wide variety of troops and specialists with heavy weapons, as well as powerful commanders to lead your force. Click to see Larger Images The backbone of the Enforcer faction are the Enforcers themselves. These troopers are comparable to most other faction’s elite units, with heavy armour and high skill to boot. There are ten basic Enforcer models – two set of sprues – which can be used to build Enforcers with rifles or Assault Enforcers with pistols and wristblades. There are also options on the sprue to build a Sergeant or Captain, armed with an Energy Gauntlet, a Specialist with either a Burst Laser or an Incinerator plus loads of extra accessories to boot! Click to see Larger Image The new Pathfinders sprue is packed with components to build these lightly armoured scouts. There are five Pathfinders in the Faction Starter, who can all be armed with the ever-useful Tag Rifle. There are also components to upgrade one model to a Specialist with a Sniper [...]

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Deadzone: Campaigns

Campaigns are a series of linked games, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. Forces are selected in a different manner than in stand alone games – working on the idea of a Campaign force, referred to as an army. This is similar to a Strike Team, but much larger. Whereas a Strike team is chosen on a per game basis and can be changed from game to game, an army is selected at the beginning of a campaign and does not change. Casualties are permanent and are tracked along with experience. The suggested size for a campaign army is 500 points, compared to 100 points for a Strike Team for a normal game. Unlike Strike Teams, you can select multiple leaders for your army, but you may only ever field one at a time. Otherwise, an army follows the same restrictions as a Strike Team. As you play, you select Strike Teams from your army. Those who take part in battles may earn experience, and rank up each rank give them access to special abilities or stat increases. Each time you play, you and your opponent compare ‘Veteran Levels’ – the combine ranks of all of your Strike Team. [...]

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Enforcers: Faction Overview

In the wake of the Marauders rebellion against the rule of the GCPS, the Council of Seven, humanity’s mysterious rulers, were in desperate need of a dedicated military force. With individual Corporations rebelling and alien races becoming more of a threat, the Council funneled research into creating a fighting force that would surpass and other military force in the GCPS. These new soldiers would be unwaveringly loyal and answer to the Council alone. They would be required to fight both aliens and humans alike and triumph. The product of this was the Enforcers. Their origins remain a mystery, although they appear to be human, at least in part. Their strength and speed surpass that of humans, making them a match for the other creatures that they must face. In addition, they are suited in fully-enclosed armour. This advanced technology is actually manufactured by the Forge Fathers and purchased exclusively by the Council of Seven. Both sides see this as too lucrative a deal to pass up, despite the fact the Enforcers and Forge Fathers regularly clash in Deadzones. Compact, yet powerful jump packs and stabilising systems make the Enforcers extremely mobile. Their weaponry is specialised, with overwhelming firepower available for [...]

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Deadzone: Gameplay Overview

Deadzone is a simple and intuitive ruleset for playing game in a claustrophobic urban battlezone. It’s slick and can be picked up quickly so that you can be playing with your friends in no time. In this blog we show you a video of a game between Dave and Sunny, who battled against each other with the factions found in the new Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set. We also provide an overview of the rules below. Rules Overview Movement Movement is based on cubes. Deadzone is played on a grid of 3”x3” squares and the scenery is built to match these. These square also extend upwards to form cubes. Models move from cube to cube as in a boardgame and each model‘s movement speed is expressed in cubes. A model can be placed anywhere inside a cube, but there is a limit to how many models of different sizes can fit into a cube. Usually this is four Infantry models, which decreases as the models increase in size. Models can move up or down levels if they are able to climb, or have a jetpack. Cover Cover is crucial in games of Deadzone. If you are caught out of cover, [...]

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Five Reasons to Play Deadzone!

1) It’s Brutal. Your prized Strike Team will be shot to pieces if they step out of cover, but equally, so will the enemy. Snipers line up their shots with care and precision, whilst HMGs lay down supressing fire and missiles strike against the foes’ weaker points. 2) The Story. Enter the Deadzone, a world erased from existence. As you fight amidst the ruins of human cities, each member of your Strike Team will develop their own stories and experiences. Delve deep into the backgrounds of each of the factions in play and their reasons for fighting in the Deadzone 3) Fast-Paced Action! A game can be played in about 45 minutes from start to finish. Each action and turn is quick and easy to understand, but carries a lot of importance. One mistake can cost you heavily, so choose wisely. 4) It’s Fun! Fight in exciting close combats against horrific aliens, or destroy your foes with a hail of bullets and missiles. It’s possible to be thrown off a building by a grenade blast, fall and hit a wall and be damaged by doing so. 5) The Models. Spend time customising your elite Strike Team, using the fantastic range [...]

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