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Deadzone: Veer-Myn Faction Starter Unboxing

The Veer-Myn have lived in the shadow of other races for a long time. Spreading though waste management networks and maintenance access ways, they are survivalists throughout, weathering harsh atmospheric conditions, hazardous machinery and eradication teams. Many beings aren’t even aware of the Veer-Myn’s presence. Many more tolerate them – to a degree – as they are unable to permanently remove them. The Veer-Myn are content to lie in wait for the right opportunity. Led by the Progenitors and Brood Mother, a Veer-Myn nest will be directed to empty and overwhelm their foes. Hordes of Crawlers and Stalkers scurry amidst the towering forms of the Nightmares and Night Terrors. Vile and devastating weapons are brought to bare – the twisted inventions of the Maligni. Few survive this onslaught to tell the tale. Whether you are fighting for control of Exham IV, or rising up in another Deadzone, the Veer-Myn Faction Starter is the best way to get started with these malicious creatures. There’s large numbers of troops, specialists and leaders to build you Strike Team from or enough to build a campaign army. The core of the set is the Night Crawlers Sprue. This hard plastic kit contains enough components [...]

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Infestation: Unboxing

The Infestation Expansion set contains everything you need to start fighting on Exham IV with your own Strike Team. This box is intended to be used with an existing Deadzone collection regardless of which faction you play. The star of the show is the Infestation supplement book. A 50 page, full-colour guide to Exham IV and playing Infestation Campaigns. There’s also elite army lists for six different factions, each with their own dedicated character and new special rules. For more details, check out our previous post. In order to simulate the harsh frozen deserts of Exham IV, the set also includes a brand new deluxe mat. With the same 2’x2′ layout and 3″ grid as existing mats, it features new ‘red planet’ artwork. Like our other deluxe mats, it is durable, non-slip and crease-resistant – enough to survive the rigours of gaming for a long time to come! The new Industrial Battlezones will be released next month and a selection of the new components are included in the Infestation Expansion. You’ll find pipes, conveyor belts, motors and other industrial-themed pieces to use. There’s enough to spread around a Deadzone board to provide cover for a game, but these pieces are [...]

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Infestation: Campaigns on Exham IV

Once a gem of GCPS exploitation, Exham IV is now a world tearing itself apart. Subject to the largest infestation of Veer-Myn ever located, the elite Enforcers were dispatched to contain the outbreak before the creatures could spread. The Enforcers’ ship was shot down before it could make landfall. Now, although they are stranded and cut off from any support, their mission remains the same. Locate the Veer-Myn Leader – the Brood Mother – and eliminate her by any means necessary. Tales from the Deadzone Whilst the Deadzone rulebook contains the full rules to run a ‘generic’ campaign inside Containment Protocol, the Infestation Supplement has something altogether different. The Campaign tells the story of the desperate Pathfinders of Exham IV. From evading Veer-Myn packs, to the final battle for Priory station, the main narrative of Exham IV unfolds. The book includes five new scenarios, each one following the Pathfinders‘ struggle. These have their own specific goals as a result of the unfolding story, as well as suggested game sizes and consequences for wins or losses for the players. You and an opponent can play through the campaign together, one player taking control of the Veer-Myn and the other player the [...]

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Mantic Open Day 2016

The Mantic Open Day is almost upon us! Here’s some of the details you’ll need for the day. Important Stuff The Open Day will be at Mantic HQ  in Nottingham. You can find our address here – please note that we will have limited parking available on site. If you are travelling in by train, then the best plan is to get a tram from Nottingham station to Bulwell (take the Hucknall line) which’ll put you five minutes walk away. Bulwell train station is located next to the tram station. The doors open at 10am. If you have purchased a ticket online, then we will have your name down for entry. You will also be able to purchase tickets on the door. We’ll be open all day until around 4.00pm. Lunch is not provided, but Bulwell town centre is a short walk away and there will be catering on site, including the wonderful Cozzmic Cakes. (seriously, those cakes are ludicrously good) Shiny Models We’ll have a brand new Deadzone show-exclusive model on sale, along with the Necromancer and Dwarf King from our earlier shows in the year,  should you want to pick those up. The Mantic shop will be open [...]

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Infestation and the Future of Deadzone

So, the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter has finished shipping and the office campaign is escalating. Deadzone has picked up a lot of momentum recently, although I’m not sure whether it’s down to the fantastic rules, the awesome models or the amazing community. I’ll be honest, when we were starting work on Deadzone again (about the time I joined Mantic) I really wasn’t interested. I’d played 1st edition, but the game just wasn’t interesting to me. That changed when I was invited to do a little in-house playtesting. I played Ronnie, with 100 points of Plague versus his 100 points of Enforcers, using very early rules for what would be 2nd Edition. Naturally, I won (which I’ve never rubbed in his face at all), but what really impressed me was that not only was this more slick and fun than 1st Edition, but tactical. Ronnie tried to kill everything, whilst I focused on holding objectives. The game ended at 12VPs to 10Vps – so despite us both taking completely different strategies, we both almost won. Fast forward a few months and the game is entering a new renaissance. There’s a beautiful new Hardback rulebook, with all of the faction lists and rules [...]

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Deadzone 2nd Edition Battle Report!

To showcase the new Deadzone rules in Action, Mantic’s very own Dave and Sunny played out a full 150 point game between Forge Fathers (Dave) and Enforcers (Sunny). Although I won’t spoil it, the game turned out to be very bloody (and fun) and is a great example of the new rules – and how not to play them! the whole game plays out in just under an hour (with narration and the occasional rules checking). You can play games in even less time with ease! We put this together using the models from the Faction Starter sets and a fair bit of Mantic Battlezones terrain, including one of the new Deluxe Mats! If you’ve done a Battle Report you’d like to show, why not post it below? We’d love to see them! If you want to try this out for yourselves, the Forge Father Faction Starter and Enforcer Faction Starter are available to pre-order now! You can find all of this great scenery in our Battlezones range.

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Mantic UK Events and Playtest Days

For those of you who live in the UK (and are enjoying this lovely weather). We are currently developing the Warpath mass battle and Warpath Firefight gaming systems and we need your help to make sure that they are the best that they can be – that means balanced, fair but most of all fun! We are looking for volunteers to help us playtest the rules and the force lists. If you want to have your input into the game and help us make a great science fiction battle game, please come and help us develop the system. We’ll be running two Events. The Warpath Mass Battle Playtest day will run on Saturday 11th June and the Warpath Firefight Playtest day will run on Saturday 18th June. What will happen on the day? The day will consist of: A short briefing Gaming! Feedback sessions Lunch More gaming More feedback sessions   What you will need to bring We’ll provide boards and terrain, but we need you to bring about 3,000 points of miniatures (using the army lists from the latest beta) These can be any suitable proxy miniatures, they do not need to be Deadzone figures or Warpath miniatures – [...]

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Forge Fathers: Faction Booster Unboxing

If you want to add some specialists to your Strike Team, then the Forge Father Faction Booster contains everything you need. With everything from Valkyrs to Stormrage Veterans, your force will be able to bring some heavy hitters to the tabletop. This box is all about the Brokkrs! There are three Brokkr troopers, a specialist with a Magma Rifle and a Brokkr Chief – enough for you to field a Strike Team made exclusively from Brokkrs. There are also two Brokkr Engineers, who can disarm booby traps and control the powerful equipment that these miners bring to the field. The Brokkrs themselves are great in close combat and a can be upgraded to carry Forge Hammers, while the Chief is a strong fighter and commander, who can be used to help your Brokkrs find the bets of the loot. The Inferno Drill is a powerful range weapon. Remotely controlled by Brokkr Engineers, it is mounted with a mining laser. It has a massive range and punch through all but the most dense armour. Having it’s own heavy plating, its very survivable in its own right. Think of it as a Forge Father sniper – simply place it somewhere with a [...]

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Forge Fathers: Faction Starter Unboxing

The Forge Father Faction Starter is the perfect way to start collecting a force for Deadzone. It has a wide variety of Troops, Specialists and leaders, that can be cherry picked for individual engagements, or drafted together into a Campaign Army. The Steel Warriors are the core troops for the Forge Fathers. They’re expensive in terms of points, but are skilled, well-armoured and carry Hailstorm rifles – one of the best basic weapons in the game. this set comes with ten – two sets of five. That might seem like a lot for a game of Deadzone, but the sprue also comes with options to build Specialists and Leaders. Using this sprue, you can build a Steel Warrior Huscarl and Stormrage Veterans, on top of the core Steel Warriors. the Stormrage Veterans can be armed with either Dragon’s Breath Flamers, Hailstorm Autocannons, Magma Cannons or Mjolnir Missile Launchers. There’s also a heap of extra components including ornate armour, grenades, open helmets and more! A set of six Forge Guard add some real punch to your force. You can build these with their standard (yet powerful) loadout of a Hailstorm Rifle and Forge Hammer, or upgrade them with either a Mjolnir [...]

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Forge Fathers: Strategies and Tactics

In this article, I plan to discuss how to incorporate models from the Forge Father Faction Booster set into your strike teams as well as describing strategies for using the strike lists from the previous article. When playing your games, don’t feel bound to use the lists I presented, be bold and experiment with different models to better suit your play style. Also, don’t forget to join us on Mantic’s forums to share your experiences and knowledge! Expanding your forces In addition to providing additional Brokkrs and Steel Warriors, the Forge Father Faction Booster set also provides several other options for filling out your strike teams. One major addition is the Chief Brokkr, a hardy and capable leader, with an army ability that helps you secure better equipment. Valkyr are the Forge Father’s fastest model, wielding a mighty Twin Hailstorm Rifle, and are only a little more expensive than a Steel Warrior. If you want to contest objective markers early, there is no better choice. Brokkr Engineers, in addition to disarming booby traps littered around the field, provide you with a way to control the remote constructs of the Forge Fathers. Boom Bots are small, easy-to-hide mobile explosive payloads. They [...]

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