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Announcing the Mantic Nanowrimo Writing Competition!

We’re very pleased to announce that Mantic, in celebration of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) will be hosting our very own writing competition! This contest will offer you, our fans, a unique opportunity to write your very own stories for publication as an official Mantic Novel! The Mantic Nanowrimo Writing Competition will center on a handful of Events, Battles, and Character Stories from both the World of Mantica and the Warpath Universe. For this competition, we will provide a series of packets on a few different topics for you to choose from. These packets will contain loads of background information to help stir your imagination and get you started. Information Packets and the Contest Application will be available on November 1st To enter and qualify, each author must: 1) Choose the topic you are writing for then download that topic’s Information Packet 2) Read, fill out, and sign the Contest Application 3) All Stories must follow the Rules and Guidelines 4) When submitted, the Contest Application and Story must be combined into one PDF file with the Contest Application being the first page 5) All submissions must be turned in by the stated due date on the Contest Application Rules [...]

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Five Great Reasons to Back the Star Saga Kickstarter

It’s been an exciting few weeks on the Star Saga Kickstarter and as we approach the end of the campaign, we wanted to give you an update and explain why you should jump on board. The Star Saga campaign now features: More than 90 minis Five Kickstarter exclusive characters and an exclusive campaign Rules for using Warpath characters as minions A Veer-myn expansion, with two new expansions just around the corner Brand new Nameless miniatures But just in case you need more great reasons to back, here are five of the top reasons to support Star Saga on Kickstarter Sci-fi Dungeon Crawling! This is a genre that we don’t think has been explored to its full potential and Star Saga aims to change all that. You’ll be blasting lasers down corridors, placing sentry guns, hacking computer terminals, facing off against a deranged psychic Chovar, hunting down futuristic equipment, uncovering secret plots, desperately trying to stop security alarms and taking on horrific Plague experiments. Even better, the experience will never be quite the same, as you can play campaigns with different mercenaries, thanks to Star Saga’s points-based selection system, while the evil Nexus Player will have to adapt their plans on [...]

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New Rebs and Nameless expansions unveiled for Star Saga!

Earlier today, Ronnie jumped on the Star Saga Kickstarter updates and, in typical Ronnie style, he offered backers a great set of stretch goals when we reach $300,000 and with the rest of the week left, that’s certainly looking possible. Before signing off Ronnie also mentioned the possibility of not one, but two new expansions and asked for  suggestions. Judging by the comments, it was clear that Rebs were certainly a popular choice, thanks to the mix of alien races included in their ranks, and backers wanted more Nameless. Well, once again, in typical Ronnie fashion he couldn’t wait to show everyone what we’ve got coming up for the final days of the campaign. At $325,000 we’ll officially unlock one new full expansion, The Devil’s Betrayal, and a mini expansion, Terror in the Deep, which uses the Nameless minions already included in the core pledge. We’ll have more details on the stories behind these expansions as we head towards $325,000 but you can see a tease of the contents below. The Devil’s Betrayal will be an optional add-on that costs $35, while Terror in the Deep, will be an optional add-on that costs $20 (seeing as the Nameless are already [...]

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Bestiary added to Star Saga – use Warpath Universe units as minions

Part of the beauty of Star Saga is that the core game is really just the beginning. Once you’ve played through the main game and finished the adventure on Planet Eiras, you can then use the Character Creator and Mission Creator to make your own action-packed scenarios to play with friends, on your own or take down your club to show you’re the most fiendish Nexus Player there is. This week we’ll have a more detailed look at both the Character Creator and Mission Creator to show you how they work. However, in the meantime, we’re pleased to announce that we’re now upgrading the Mission Creator to also include a Bestiary that will have statistics for loads of the Deadzone/Warpath infantry units. Included as part of the Bestiary, we’ll also be producing stat cards for the troop types, making it much easier for the Nexus Player to look up their abilities during a game and allowing them to mix and match their forces. All this has now been added to your pledge and you haven’t had to lift a finger. What does this mean? Well, if you’ve got a bunch of Rebs minis for your Deadzone faction, you can now [...]

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Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi

Here be monsters… The Tyrant of Halpi Expansion for Dungeon Saga is almost here! With one of the largest plastic models we’ve ever made, a brand new campaign and two new heroes, this set is the perfect expansion to Dungeon Saga for any budding dragon-slayers! What is the Tyrant of Halpi? A huge dragon. Karrathor the Unbroken is a direct descendant of the Father of all Dragons. He makes his lair deep withing the Halpi mountain range, between the blighted land of Tragar and the holds of the Free Dwarf Clans. Once the noble steed of an Elven King, he turned on his master and killed him, taking the Elf’s crown for his own. An ancient heirloom of the Elves, the crown grants mastery over all who see it. These unfortunates become thralls to the dragon’s will. Over centuries, Karrathor has languished, becoming richer and more powerful with each wayward adventurer. Now, four heroes have been tasked with reclaiming the crown for the Elven Realms. They must face not only the mighty dragon himself, but also the many thralls that protect him. On top of this, if the heroes cannot resist the crown’s power, they will end up enslaved to [...]

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Mantic North America Ep. 10: All About That Plague, No Rebels!

00:00:00 Intro / Star Saga 00:16:24 Kings of War 00:39:46 Walking Dead 00:51:15 Deadzone with some Warpath talk You know we all about that Plague, no Rebels! Mantic North America is back at it again with Chopper and Jonny P discussing the recently launched Kickstarter for Star Saga, as well as new releases and updates for Kings of War, Walking Dead, and Deadzone.

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Mantic Open Day November 2016 preview

The next Mantic Open Day is fast approaching, so we wanted to let you know about what you can expect from November’s exciting event. Just in case you’ve never been to a Mantic Open Day before, it can pretty much be summed up with the following: lots of activity, lots of bargains, lot of sneak peeks and lots of spoilers from Ronnie about what’s coming up in the future. We’ll be theming the Open Day around The Walking Dead (which is shambling towards us on the horizon ready to bite). There will be demo games to see if you can survive the Walker onslaught, a seminar with rules designer Mark Latham and you can dress up for the chance to win prizes in our Walking Dead cosplay competition. We’ll have some great bundle deals in our shop for those getting started with The Walking Dead. Also, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to paint a Walker, which you can then take home. Brush with Death Talking of painting, we’ll be launching our new painting competition: ‘Brush with Death’, where attendees will have the chance to show off their painting skills for all to see, in the hopes of taking home [...]

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Deadzone Unboxing: Plague Faction Booster

Following on from our look at the Plague Faction Starter, today we delve through classified Council records to examine the Faction Booster set. As the Plague spreads over a world,  those infected seem to vary and specialise more, almost as if by design. The Plague Faction Booster adds some of the more esoteric weapons and units from the Deadzone list, including a Plague Swarm, 3rd Gen mortar team and two large beasts – essentially mutated killing machines. The Plague Aberration is a failed 1st Generation Vector. All 1st gens are created by exposure to an activate ‘Plague Artifact’, however, not all victims are mutated successfully. Most are killed instantly, as their body painfully tears itself apart, but a few failures survive as Aberrations. Their minds wracked by pain and rage, they will attack anything in sight, kept only in check by the mysterious properties of the virus itself. While they lack the intellect and cunning of a true 1st gen, they make up for this shortfall in sheer brute strength. The Plague virus’ effect varies with each species it comes into contact with. With Teratons, their natural size, strength and toughness are further bolstered by bony carapaces and spikes erupting [...]

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Read the Gripping Story Behind Star Saga

Through his network of underground contacts, Blaine has been offered a job. It is a simple one, though not without risk, and requires some amount of discretion. Although the use of small military forces, or ‘shadow teams’, in corporate espionage is quite common within the GCPS, it is still something most corporations prefer to keep off their official books. Data relating to vaccine development has been stolen from the client corporation and taken to a research facility hidden beneath the surface of Eiras. The job is to recover this data and destroy all records of its presence. Bonuses will be paid for any samples of the target corporation’s own work recovered and anyone on the job will also be free to keep anything else they find of value during the op. There is a front operation that will need to be penetrated and there will be armed guards. Whoever goes to retrieve the tech will have help though: an insider who is willing to help the team circumvent security and guide them through the complex. Her price is a small one: her own safe extraction from the facility. Blaine has his suspicions about the mission, but the contact checks out [...]

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Deadzone: Nexus Psi Sourcebook

In response to your feedback, we’re making the Nexus Psi Sourcebook available separately from the Expansion set. You can pre-order it from the webstore right now, to be shipped along with the rest of October’s releases. But what does this tome contain? A Forsaken World Delve into the rich background of Nexus Psi, once one of the most promising frontier worlds of the GCPS, now a violent testament to their ignorance. The Plague has been unleashed and the planet has been decimated. It’s up to an Enforcer Taskforce to halt the virus here and ensure that it cannot spread to other colonised worlds. If the Plague was the only enemy present on Nexus Psi, then this might be achievable, but one of the souls that the GCPS declared dead along with the planet is anything but. The mutated Dr. Gayle Simmonds now turns her keen intellect to destroying not only the Enforcers, but the rest of humanity. More ways to play The Sourcebook contains not one, but two new campaigns. As with Infestation, there is a set of narrative-driven missions featuring two factions – in this case the Enforcers and the Plague. When the Enforcers first arrive on Nexus Psi, [...]

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