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Introduction to Events Week

Heading out to shows or holding events here at Mantic HQ is definitely one of the best parts of the job. We’re able to get out there and meet the enthusiastic members of our community, which is a great way to directly answer any questions people might have, while also showcasing new releases too. In the past we’ve attended the odd show here and there but for 2017 we’re really upping our game by attending more events in the UK and America than  ever before. In just the first quarter of 2017 we’ll be taking the Mantic Fun Bus (otherwise known as Zak’s Mini) to four events, while Pat is heading to PAX South, PAX East and Las Vegas (gambling money is not included, Pat). And that’s just the beginning! The Walking Dead: All Out War is going to be a big focus during our shows because we’re sure it’s going to be huge this year. Everyone that has tried the game so far absolutely loves it, so we want to make sure as many people as possible can have their gaming life changed forever by playing this awesome game. Trust us, once you’ve played it, you’ll agree with us. [...]

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The Road To Firefight: What Was I Thinking!

Forge Lord:                                              155 Smoke Grenades                                            5 Stormrage Heavy Weapons Veterans:                             185 Steel Warriors:                                      105 Huscarl Upgrade                                        75 Smoke Grenades                                           5 2 x Autocannon                                           40 Valkyr:                                                        60 Hammerfist Drop Troops                250 Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Weapons Platform:                            120 Magma Cannon Upgrade                          0   TOTAL                                                          1000 John Jack here! GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! I’m trying this out for the heavy amount of suppressive firepower that the Stormrage Veterans can have. 4 have autocannons along with the Forge Lord upgrade to keep them calm, cool, and collected. (And shielded.) The Huscarl upgrade to a unit will give me a total of 5 Command so, that’s [...]

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A Road To Firefight!

Hey guys!  Community Pat and Pathfinder John Jack come at you with A Road to Firefight.  These two guys have created a 1000pt list for Warpath: Firefight and are going to go through their hobby process.  Keep a watch out for their progress! Alright, alright, alright! Let’s talk Warpath! Firefight to be exact. So we have The Road to Firefight, a four to five week blog following Pathfinder John Jack and I, Community Pat as we create our lists, build our forces and play a game of Firefight. Think of it as a cross between a team building and hobby exercise. So for my list I decided to go with what I know and I created a 1000pt list of Marauders. Here is what I’ve taken. Commando Capt.                               110 pts Rifle                                               5 pts Toxic Gas Grenades                  10 pts Mercenary Warlord                          110 pts Rifle                                               5 pts 10 [...]

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A guide to constructing a Kings of War army list – final part

In the final part of his series, Nick Williams finishes off his orc army. Ok, we’re down to 340 points remaining of our 2000 point limit but I already have a very strong army build. It’s time to start fine tuning. My priorities are a bane-chanting Godspeaker, another Regiment of Gore Riders and then probably some Artefacts. For the Godspeaker, a mounted version with Bane-Chant comes to 105 points, add on the Gore Riders and that takes me to 290. With 50 points left over, we’re down to just Artefacts to add. The Inspiring Talisman artefact is quite a popular one to add to the Godspeaker, however I have a different plan! I know of some of the Artefacts that are coming in the 2017 Organised Play book (given I wrote some of them, you’d hope that would be the case!). The first one I want to add is one that adds Rallying(1) to a unit. That would be perfect on the Godspeaker. The great thing is that while Rallying is normally restricted to a maximum of +2 Nerve, it stacks with the Orc Wardrum, so Orcs can now effectively get up top +3 Nerve on their units by having [...]

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A guide to constructing a Kings of War army list – part three

In the third part of his series, Nick Williams adds some ‘chaff’ to his orc army. We’re now starting to run out of points with just 565 remaining. One thing this army is sorely missing so far is some disposable chaff units. Units that are designed to gum up the enemy and die at a time that suits you. If they magically survive then they can claim some objectives. Usually with a fast list like this, some light cavalry at speed 9 or 10 with Nimble would be best. Unfortunately Orcs don’t have access to any light cavalry, so the other suitable unit is the lowly troop of Skulks. At 75 points Skulks are very cheap and with Speed 6 and Vanguard they can get all the way across the board by the end of the first turn. They can certainly get up in the enemies face fast enough to screen Gore Riders. Skulks are also good at sitting on top of objectives. A quick hint is not to necessarily grab Loot with them. Move up, sit on top of the Loot and the enemy is forced to take you out in combat. If you picked up the Loot then when they [...]

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Preparing for the Kings of War Summer Campaign

With the Kings of War Summer Campaign approaching later this year, a few of us here at Mantic HQ have decided to start new armies in preparation for the big event. Global campaigns like this are a great way to inspire people to get involved with the hobby and we wanted to take part too. Each week, Zak, Dave and Rob are planning to meet up and engage in some serious hobby time, while also painting and prepping at home too. Dave and Rob have a little bit of a head start but Zak is determined to catch up. Dave is hard at work on his Empire of Dust army in this shot. Look at the intense concentration. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be keeping you up to date with their progress and we’d love to see the army that you’re prepping. In fact, now’s a good time to consider starting a new army, as the UK price is currently frozen to £49.99 before it goes up to £59.99 on February 1st, plus if you order a starter army, you’ll be in with the chance of having it upgraded to a Mega Force for FREE! Anyway, [...]

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A guide to constructing a Kings of War army list – part two

In the second part of his series, Nick Williams adds a Gore Rider Wing to his orc army. My experience with this type of army tells me that it’s not just the big Stampede Hordes that are tricky, but it’s the numerous fast units also buzzing about. Before you can even deal with the Stampedes, you have to take care of the fast units. Gore Riders are perfect for this. They’re respectable heavy cavalry and while they’ve got fairly low Nerve at 13/15, they do get Crushing Strength(1) so still fight effectively in drawn out combats. They are also cheaper than other heavy cavalry units! I’d like to fit as many of these in as possible, but three regiments of them feels like a good starting point. Like the Fightwagon Hordes, Gore Riders work best when double charging enemy units. With three regiments, I can lose one or have one charge blocked and still have a very effective force. In terms of support, this Battlegroup requires an Inspiring source, so another Mounted Flagger will be taken for this group. If I have the points to spare at the end I’d like to take a War Drum for this group as [...]

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A guide to constructing a Kings of War army list – part one

Written by Nick Williams One of the articles that players in the community requested was an article not just on how to write an army list, but an example of the thought process that goes into an example army list itself. So, with my Abyssal army having nearly a solid year of gaming under its belt and suffering from multiple plane and train journeys (including two trans-Atlantic flights and two other flights where it had to be checked into the cargo hold…), it’s time for it to retire and for me to put together another army for this year. I’m leaning strongly towards Orcs. Specifically reviving a theme that I’ve used a few times – all cavalry. I really like the Orc Gore Riders. I’ve ran a similar list in the past that concentrated on Gore Riders and did quite well with it. I’d like to try that again, so let’s talk through planning a 2,000 point army. One of my favourite opponents, Dan King, runs his Herd army around two Stampede units, backed up by numerous faster units and some cheaper throwaway units. It’s a really effective build that I think can be replicated with Orcs with an often [...]

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Mantic Games launches The Walking Dead: All Out War painting competition

After the success of last year’s Brush With Death Painting Competition, we’re delighted to announce that we’re now launching a dedicated painting contest for The Walking Dead: All Out War. That’s right, we want to see your incredible work on Rick, or perhaps a stunning paint job on a particularly nasty Walker. Plus, we’ve even got a special category for diorama pieces featuring two or more miniatures, which means you can recreate some of the iconic moments from the comic – Rick meeting back up with Lori and Carl, Dale keeping watch in the Atlanta Camp, Rick riding through Atlanta on his horse, surrounded by Walkers… the choice is yours! The prestigious Brush With Death trophy. The Mantic Team will have the challenging task of picking the overall winner in each category. Each winner will be awarded our superb Brush with Death trophy, pictured above. There are two categories to choose from: The Walking Dead: All Out War – Single Miniature The Walking Dead: All Out War – Diorama Here’s a great Kickstarter exclusive Negan, as painted by Paul Welsh. You can find the full rules, including model guidelines here. Plus, if you haven’t already picked up your copy of [...]

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Kings of War Summer Campaign – War is Coming to Mantica

For centuries it has remained still, but The Abyss is growing. The denizens of this terrible place have finally unlocked its awful secrets and now it spreads like an open wound across the face of Mantica. Whatever gets in its way – woods, armies, farmlands, mountains, even entire cities – are swallowed into its chaotic depths, where they feed the fires of its cruel inhabitants. This summer we’re organising a huge event for Kings of War that will let YOU change the face of Mantica forever. The Abyss is growing and spreading its wickedness across the land. The Forces of Evil, have been emboldened by its despicable energy and are amassing in the shadows ready to strike. Meanwhile, the Forces of Good will have to put aside their differences and unite, unless they want to be washed away by this terrible tide. The fate of Mantica rests in your hands – will you watch it burn or fight to the bitter end to protect it? NOW’S THE TIME TO START PREPARING Although the Summer Campaign is planned to take place between July and August, now’s the time to start planning the army you want to take to the battlefield. If [...]

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