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Kings of War Battle Camp

With all the excitement around the final of the Clash of Kings (you can read about that here) and the launch of 2nd Edition, Dave and Pete just couldn’t resist getting the camera out to find out who were better: the Undead or the Dwarfs. Find out who won this clash of the titans in Kings of War Battle Camp: Part 1: Part 2: Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook is now in stores and can be bought from your friendly local gaming centre or the Mantic Website.

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October 03/04 2015 – UK National Clash of Kings Final Report You may have seen from Facebook the UK National Final for the Clash of Kings happened at Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Nottinghamshire. Although we had sold 30 tickets plus the 6 Regional Champions (who each received a free ticket to attend) we had a few last minute drop outs leaving us on 31. Luckily we had planned for this and Dave Symonds from Mantic jumped in to make up the numbers. Dave took my Basileans that were currently unbeaten from the Clash of Kings Regionals and attempted to continue their good form. Some gamers arrived Friday evening, including the contingent from Spain, and by about 9.30pm we had 10-12 Clash of Kings players in the venue having a chill out before the weekend. Saturday we started bright an early and after a little logistical mix up picking up Dave and Rich from the Station we headed to the venue to finish set-up and get registration underway. Registration complete we had a quick pre-event brief before kicking off! We played 3 games Saturday (Invade, Kill and Pillage and Loot) and 3 games Sunday (Pillage, Dominate and Kill). Each round lasted [...]

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A universe is born, and starts to grow…

A few years ago we set out to build a new sci-fi universe, and with our first attempt we fell short. But, we tried again, and because of lots of hard work and fantastic support from a passionate band of gamers, collectors and modelers, something exciting is really starting to happen. The Warpath universe is growing and building into a very exciting place. Bizarrely this massive universe, spanning many solar systems and numerous alien races began in earnest with a sports game! When Dreadball came to Kickstarter it raised an incredible $728,925 from 2,539 backers and spawned a number of those alien races into being. Since then each of them has taken a life of their own. Many of those new aliens then made an appearance in the next installment – Deadzone. This time instead of a neodurium pitch the squads fought over a war-torn battlefield – fighting for resources or trying to carry out missions to wipe out the enemy threat (and more on this later). Although Deadzone focused on just a single incident of a ‘Containment Protocol’ it hinted at a much bigger place – a human utopia with wealth and abundance at is centre, and an empire [...]

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Warpath: New Alpha Rules, Battle Reports, Gameplay Video and Interview!

As we enter the final week of the Warpath Kickstarter we have collated your feedback from the previous Warpath Alpha Rules and updated the rules accordingly. We also had a couple of games of our own! The above is a shot from when Dave played a 1200-point playtest game against Stewart. The two forces on show are Enforcers versus Forge Fathers (about 40 figures each). Not shown is the Enforcer Interceptor which started the game off the table, and there are a number of units hiding in buildings or behind scenery. This game took approximately 1 hour 20 minutes – which is incredible given how much Dave talks – and includes time for note taking. This gives you an idea of how fast the game really is. And if you want to see more, Warpath backers Greg Hendry and Euan Bennet have produced these great Battle Reports, one from the Enforcer perspective and the other from the Plague. Read them here: Enforcer Plague This has been invaluable feedback, so please keep producing these style of articles they are great!! New Alpha Rules for Free Download Before you download the latest set of the rules, we suggest you read the Change [...]

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Get Complete Warpath Armies

We are just hitting the half way mark on the Warpath Kickstarter, and I have a feeling things are just about to get fun…. Thank you all once again for another firecracker start to the latest Mantic KS. It felt like Warpath was building all year, and then all of a sudden was upon us! We’ve had a great start to the campaign and just gone past the amazing $250,000 goal. As always week 2 is a bit of lull – before the final run fireworks! In the first phase we did the sensible things. Obviously that starts with the rules – and they only took about 11 minutes to fund! The next objective for a hard sci-fi tabletop wargame had to be some vehicles – I think it is a big skirmish game without tanks and planes at this point! – and we have already crashed through 3 of those – with the Interceptor, the Forge Father tank (my favourite – but only so far!) and the Veer-myn Tunneler. I think this gives us 3 almost complete plastic armies – and it will be great as people take up the game to have full choices for a number of [...]

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Kings of War Rulebooks back in stock – FAQ and Errata Released

The Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook has been out for a couple of weeks now and, as we head into the Clash of Kings UK Final – the first official Mantic tournament to use the new 2nd Edition rules – the Kings of War Rules Committee has released answers to frequently asked questions and an errata. Download: Kings of War FAQ and Errata 29-09-15 Look out for the DreadBall FAQ and Errata coming out in the next couple of weeks. In other news, the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook is now back in stock, along with the Damage Trackers and Counter Sets. This month’s Ogre and Orc releases are now shipping too – head over to the store now to see more.

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Dossier 06874/53/PLG GCPS Council [Restricted: Security Level Alpha]

Subject: The Plague From the trial of the House Grace Executive Rulership. Prosecution notes courtesy of Lu Fan Conglomerate, presented to the Council of Seven. The Plague is without doubt the greatest threat that mankind has faced in its long history of space exploration. Despite its designation, the Plague is not really a disease at all, but an alien mutagen that spreads like an infection, wiping out populations like the most virulent of biohazards. Whether it was originally intended as a weapon, or some form of alien pest control, is unknown at this time. Ongoing research still struggles with both the identity of the aliens responsible as well as their purpose. What is known is that certain areas of space have been seeded with a series of alien artefacts, which contain pure strains of this mutagen. If opened, these devices unleash a plague so virulent it kills almost everyone who comes into contact with it. These are the lucky ones. The survivors are altered forever, becoming something both more and less than human – becoming an enemy of their own race. It was one such artefact that was discovered in the Death Arc by the renegades of House Grace. Defying [...]

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Mantic Open Day: The World of Mantica

Join us on Saturday 21st November as we’ll be celebrating the World of Mantica. This event is a must for all fans of Kings of War and Dungeon Saga. We are busy preparing for this unique event, making sure there is plenty to see and do on the day. You’ll be able to pick up event exclusives in the Mantic Shop and join in our fun challenges in the Gaming Area. See the designers work up close in the Studio Corner, and take part in a Seminar with our special guests. Get hands on in the Hobby Zone, and show of your painting skills in the Brush with Death painting competition (more details coming soon). And much more. Tickets are available now, and include a free event-exclusive Necromancer you can collect on the day. Click here to buy your ticket now.  

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Operation: Heracles – Warpath Two-Player Starter Set Part 1

Warpath is a gaming system for playing sci-fi battles, and along with new sets of rules there will also be a new Two Player Starter Set replacing The Fate of the Forgestar. It’s called Operation: Heracles, and it features two opposing forces of Enforcers and Forge Fathers. Below is Part 1 of the full story behind Operation: Heracles, as well as a detailed look at some of the miniatures that make up one half of the two-player starter set. We’ll cover Part 2 of the story and the Forge Fathers in a future blog very soon. A World At War Located in the fifth sphere of corporate expansion, far to the galactic west of the safe and secure GCPS, Triton is a world seemingly at war with itself. Its skies are darkened by electrically-charged clouds of ash and terra-formed gases. Storms can break out at any moment, lightning and rain violently blasting the plains and valleys below like artillery from the gods. On those plains, vast calderas of purple and violet water steam and boil in the heat of subterranean magma channels. The magma runs close to Triton’s surface, building and bubbling in great chambers until incalculable pressures force it [...]

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A Tale of Six Gamers: A Kings of War Blog.

Gamer #6: Alex Landing I’ve been cleaning mold lines and assembling models for most of the time. The old metal models and hybrids turn out really nice with a bit of extra care with green stuff. As well as contemplating bases and color schemes. I finished my first test models and really needed to see it on at least two different models to know for sure if I was happy. I’m glad to report I think I have a winner. Since I’m going for a fully petrified force I wanted to make each race a different type of rock. I love doing marble so my abyssal dwarves will all be marble. It is tough to get the idea across with one mini but as units I’m sure it will come across. I’ve got a few tricks planned for the basing as well that should sell the concept. Looking at the back of my dwarf tester I think the marble veining shines. The two consistent traits across the army will be the cool green inner glow and orangy red rusted weapons. With the two colors complimenting each other it will leave the rest of the model for me to push the [...]

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