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The Mantic Games range of affordable high quality miniatures are simple to build, easy to paint and can be used in all kinds of games, not just our own!

In this section discover the background behind our games and races in specially designed hubs. These getting started sections contain galleries, hobby articles and more to come!

- Kings of War: Explore the world of Mantica and our mass fantasy combat game, Kings of War. Command the Undead, lead the Elves or fight for the Dwarfs as epic fantasy armies clash on the field of battle.

- DreadBall: The galaxy's greatest sport, DreadBall is a fast, furious and vicious game of tactics and outright brutality!

- Mars Attacks: The Crazy Tabletop Game of Martian Mayhem!

- Deadzone: Command the galaxy's greatest soldiers in this epic sci-fi skirmish game!

- Battlezones: Our modular system of terrain and building tiles, find out more about how Battlezones work.

- Dungeon Saga: The Classic Dungeon Crawler of Swords and Sorcery!

- The Walking Dead: The intense tabletop survival game based on the award-winning comic series!

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Show off your painted miniatures or let us know about your games. Oh, and we also give out prizes everytime we go through 1,000 likes!   Whenever we have something to say or are just feeling mischevious, we get the camera out!   Get up-to-the-minute updates via Twitter or speak to us whilst we work...    Released every month, the Mantic Podcast gives you the lowdown on what we're up too, as well as a healthy dose of rumour, humour and gossip!
Our newsletter is your weekly guide to the latest events, deals, new releases and general all-around fantastic news!   The Mantic Blog is the source for all the latest previews, hobby projects and a chance for us to spill our insane ramblings!   Sign-up to our forum and find opponents, discuss tactics or simply talk about your favourite gaming company!   There's nothing quite like seeing our models in person - and by coming to the events we're at you can do exactly that!

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