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The Sprues

Whether you’re playing in the claustrophobic confines of a planetary research station, the sprawling war-torn cities that litter distant galaxies, or simply want to add Defense Lines, armored strongholds and Landing Zones to your battlefield, there’s a great range of Battlezone scenery sets designed to fill your gaming table.

Each of these is made up from a combination of hard plastics scenery sprues. Below you’ll find a picture of each and a short description explaining what each one is.

Urban Battlefields

Contains three styles of wall tile, two barricades and 2 buttress connectors.   This frame includes 2 floor tiles, 1 wall tile with large windows and 1 door frame, but 4 buttress connectors.
This frame contains 1 ceiling/floor tile, 1 door, 2 support connectors and 3 wallways.   Contains angled walkways, 3 walls for the long edge of the triangular tile, 1 ramp, 135 degree corner pillar, 1 crane pillar, 8 135 degree connectors, 2 pillar connectors, and 2 short pillars.


This frame include 3 armoured wall tiles, 1 large gate and frame, plus 2 armoured pillars.   Contains 2 armoured walkways, 2 armour pillars, 1 short defence line barricade and 2 armour pieces that clip onto any wall tile.


Defence Line


Contains 1 armoured barricade, 1 short barricade and 1 long barricade for use on the long edge of a triangular tile, 1 defence laser cannon turret and 135 degree connectors.   This frame include 6 armoured barricades and the components to build 1 comms array.



Landing Pad

This frame include floor tiles, 1 top and bottom vent cover, 1 long barricade and 3 flat wall connectors.   Contains 3 triangular tiles, 1 staircase, 4 pillars, 8 pillar ends, and 6x 135 degree connectors.


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