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DreadBall Kick-Off

DreadBall Kick-off is the basic starter version of DreadBall. If you’re new to board games or sports games, or perhaps can’t stretch to the price of the Deluxe set, DreadBall Kick-off is the game for you.

This version of the game includes a simplified version of the game with all of the core mechanics included in a mini-rulebook, two starter teams of 8 Players, Ball, DreadBall Counter Sheet, Dice and Board:

DreadBall Mini-Rulebook

The rulebook breaks down all you need to play the basic game, including moving, throwing and scoring.
It also includes all of the rules and stats for the four Season 1 Teams.

Pitch/Mounted Game Board

The DreadBall playing arena is brought to life with this stunningly detailed pitch.
Featuring Rush Track, Score Counter, Sin Bin, Subs Bench and brightly coloured Strike Zones, this high quality, solid pitch is designed for the rigours of league season.

Trontek 29ers

The industrial giant Trontek is probably the most famous brand in the Corporation, so it is hardly surprising that they also sponsor one of the best teams in DreadBall: the Trontek 29ers.

Greenmoon Smackers

Ex-pirate scum turned major league heroes? The Greenmoon Smackers bring a wealth of violent tricks and brute force to the arena floor in a spectacular demonstration of brawn over brain!



Figures move and points are scored by players using Action Tokens. Each player gets 5 of these actions per turn – the home team gets white counters, the visitors get red. The DreadBall Counter Sheet is included in the box and contains 10 action counters as well as a Score Track Counter, Rush Track Counter and a Special counter, played when a special Event card affects that player.

The counter sheet is made of sturdy card stock to survive the wear and tear of league play. Of course, you can always upgrade to the DreadBall Acrylic Counter set if you really want them to stand the test of time.



DreadBall contains a total of eighteen dice - 6 white "Home Team" Dice, 6 Red "Visitors Team" Dice and 6 Blue "Coaching Dice."
The Home and Visitors Dice are used by their respective teams to test whether the actions they want to perform are successful, whereas Coaching Dice are free dice that can be added to any roll. Use them wisely though, because you once you've used it they're discarded!

Game Box

The Game Box is super sturdy and made of high quality card stock meaning you can use it to ferry your game set around!
It features a removeable tray which can be replaced with the famous Mantic White Cases or with a special designed Battle Foam DreadBall tray that fits snuggly into the box.

You can purchase DreadBall Kick-off in the Mantic Webstore. If you like it and want to progress to the advanced rules, pick up the Extra Time set to add the RefBot and Cards and upgrade to the full game!

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