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Getting Started

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game includes an incredible 84 page full colour A4 Rulebook containing all of the rules you need to play the game and support a league:


A 25 page section of the rulebook, these pages breakdown all you need to play the game - from moving, throwing and scoring, to more advanced rules like Free actions. The rules are cleanly written and simple.

The Art of the Foul

Fouls are commonplace in DreadBall - from the unceremonious Suckerpunch to sneakily entering an extra player on the pitch. To counter these tricksy moves, the DGB employs the use of two referees: the Eye in the Sky and the RefBot. The rulebook includes a dedicated section on fouls and how to use the referee system.

DreadBall Cards

DreadBall uses an innovative card system to generate fan support, move the referee and introduce random events into the game which can lead to hilarious moments where the ball explodes at a crucial moment in your opponents turn or the referee becomes extra vigilante.

Players can spend their action tokens on purchasing cards which may give them abilities like an extra throw or it may even burst the ball when your opponent is going for a 4-point strike!

League Section

10 pages of the book are dedicated to running, supporting and setting up a league. It includes rules for gaining experience, underdogs, free agents, buying MVPs (Most Valuable Players) and how to track Team Rankings.

You can build your team up as your progress through a league, enhancing your players with new abilities. You’ll get to know each one of individually and of course, if one dies, you can pay the fees and revive him or harvest his body for organs on the black market and buy a new one!

Download your Tournament Pack here!


DreadBall contains 14 special abilities ranging from acrobatic skills such as Jump and Backflip to tactical Running Interference or Mind Like Water skills. A player may simply be Really Lucky.

These abilities add even greater variation between your players and your team.


Including stats and background for four teams, the Human, Forge Father, Veer-myn and Marauder teams are brought to life by stunning miniatures, and the rulebook contains all you need to know to field them.

You can get your team in the shop.


Larger than life characters, people’s of great skill and ability or simply mysterious figures fantastically good at throwing around a 200mph weapons-grade titanium ball, Most Valuable Players are almost mercenary in the way your acquire their service.

The DreadBall Rulebook contains rules for 8 of these individuals, including “Lucky” Logan, “Slippery Joe” and Buzzcut.

You can find out more about the background behind the MVPs in the shop

But there’s more…

The DreadBall Rulebook includes snippets of background and side-stories – it is a thriving and rich sci-fi universe ready to be explored.

Grab your rulebook here or as part of the DreadBall Deluxe boxed game.

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