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Dwarfs are an ancient people, their civilisation second only in age to that of the Elves. For all their history the Dwarfs have dwelled in halls under the earth, carving out a large subterranean empire beneath the feet of the surface peoples who remain largely ignorant of the true extent of the Dwarfs’ realm.

Dwarfs are expert craftsman, workers of metal beyond compare, and their warsmiths experiment endlessly. Their artefacts are wondrous creations and all, from jewelled clockworks of marvellous intricacy to new-fangled black powder weaponry are much sought after. Their armour and weaponry are the envy of the world, their technology giving them superior advantage in times of war, yet all of it can be bought, for a price.

Dwarfs lack the sensitivity to magic that Elves or even Men possess, but there are certain Dwarfs, but a few born out of every generation, who have an affinity for fire magic. As soon as their talents make themselves manifest, these young dwarfs will be spirited away by the secretive College of Flame, whether they wish to go or not.

Do you feel you have what it takes to lead the proud and powerful Dwarfs into battle? See the Dwarf army list for everything you need to get started when building your force!

You'll need every axe, shield and cannon avaialable to lead the mighty Dwarfs to victory. Visit the Dwarf shop page too see what troops and war machines you have at your disposal.

Every Dwarf loves to share his tales of valour in battle. Visit the Dwarf forum page to to share tactics, painting tips and every single story of heroic deeds (be them fact or fiction)!

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