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Check below for answers to frequenting asked questions!

Q: Can I change my pledge multiple times?

A: Yes! You can change your pledge as many times as you like during the campaign to make sure you get everything you want.  Kickstarter will not charge your card until after the Kickstarter ends.

Q: Can I get more than one pledge level?

A: Yes. You can treat any extra pledge levels you want exactly like they were a normal Purchase Add-on.  Just increase the amount of your pledge by the cost of the additional pledges.

Q: When is my card charged?

A: Amazon begins processing your cards immediately after the Kickstarter ends.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal?

A: No. Unfortunately, Kickstarter and Amazon do not allow PayPal payments at this time.

Q: What if my card is declined?

A: Amazon will give you 14 days after the close of the Kickstarter to clear up any payment problems with your card, or to provide alternate payment information.

Q: What if my shipping address changes?

A: You will be able to use the optional pledge manager to update your shipping address.

Q: How much do I have to pledge to be able to get Add-ons?

A: There is no minimum spend – you can simply pledge for add-ons and nothing else if you want!

Q: Can I change my pledge after the Kickstarter is over?

A: You can change your pledge after the Kickstarter is over via the Survey we send out once the campaign has finished..

Q: What size are the miniatures and scenery pieces?

A; Our miniatures are in the industry standard 28-30mm scale (distance from base to eye level), and are therefore compatible with the vast majority of other miniatures and scenery on the market. The bases used in the game are again industry standards, being either 25mm or 40mm round bases.

Our sci-fi scenery tiles are based on a 3" (75mm) grid. Every tile is this size as standard (with the exception of some 75mm x 37.5mm half tiles for walkways), with all accessories conforming to these standards so that the scenery can be assembled in any configuration imaginable.

Q. Where will my package be shipped from?

A. All of the Kickstarter rewards will be shipped directly from our warehouse in Nottingham, UK, so none of our EU backers will not have to pay import taxes.

Q. How do I find out more about the Retailer Bundle?

A. Simply message us through Kickstarter using the link at the top of the Kickstarter page, and we'll put you in touch with our trade team who can run through what's available and how to pledge!

Q. How do I add Add-ons to my pledge?

A. Choose your reward level and then increase the pledge amount by the value of the extra(s) you'd like. For example, a $150 Pledge Level + a $25 T-Shirt would mean a total pledge of $175. We will then send a survey out after the Kickstarter so we can ask you what you want for the increased pledge amount.

This can be done using the "Manage my Pledge" button in the top right corner of this page. Just enter the total to cover your base reward level and any extras you like, and then once you submit the page Kickstarter will take you to Amazon to authorise the payment.

You can change your pledge value any time before the end of the project. No payment will be taken until the project is funded on June 2nd.

Q: How do you know what Add-ons I want?

A: At the end of the Kickstarter we will send out the Kickstarter survey. You will use the survey to tell us how to spend all of your pledge dollars. You will also be given access to an optional pledge manager that you can use to tell us what Add-ons you want.

Q. What does "Kickstarter Exclusive" mean?

A. Here at Mantic we don't want to release figures through Kickstarter that will then penalise customers who miss out on the campaign. However, we do want to keep our Kickstarter exclusives a little bit special. Therefore, although our exclusive releases will never be sold at retail, they will be available later via the Mantic Points Scheme on our website, or offered as promotional figures at conventions that we attend.

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