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Guide to Pledging, Stretch Goals and Add-ons

So you’ve checked out a Mantic Kickstarter and want to participate? Check out this page for your guide to pledging, stretch goals and selecting add-ons.

Guide to pledging

Handily, pledging on Kickstarter is easy as this FAQ from the Kickstarter Help page demonstrates with a step-by-step guide:

How To Pledge On Kickstarter

Stretch Goals

We’ve been very fortunate that our projects have taken a lot more than the funding goal we’ve set. This “overfunding” is put towards Stretch Goals – essentially new funding goals where we can use the extra cash to make the game components better, or introduce new sculpts and create new expansions.

Stretch Goals often introduce free items into applicable reward levels, such as exclusive miniatures or digital rules. Because the contents in a pledge level can vary over the course of the campaign, we provide up to date graphics detailing what each pledge level contains on our Kickstarter page. You can see examples here:

Deadzone “$150 Strike Team” pledge level – starting contents.

Deadzone “$150 Strike Team” pledge level – after the project has finished.


In addition to the pledge levels and free rewards often given out as Stretch Goal rewards, we are also able to offer a series of add-ons, usually at a great Kickstarter price!

These add-ons might be awesome new miniature sets like an Enforcer Booster Set, or characterful Mercenary figures like Deadzone’s Nastanza, who expands the universe of the product. Whilst we’d love to give away everything free, we simply cannot give it all (we need to have some money left over to pay for the tools after the costs of your rewards are taken off!)

Adding on one of these extras to your pledge is easy - simply follow the steps in the video below and when it comes to entering a new value in the pledge amount, add together the value of the pledge level plus the combined value of all the add-ons you would like:

For example, with the DreadBall Kickstarter, the recommended pledge level was Striker ($150). If I also wanted to pledge for Dozer ($10) and The Praetorian ($8) MVPS, I’d click “Manage My Pledge” an enter of amount of $168.

How To Manage Your Pledge On Kickstarter from Kickstarter on Vimeo.

How do I select which add-ons I want?

You do not select your add-ons through Kickstarter, instead when the project has finished we send out a survey where you can tell us your address details, contact details and specifically what you pledged for. You can even select more items than what you initially pledged for, which we’ll bill you for via Paypal after the survey deadline has passed.

This survey is normally sent out 2-4 weeks after a campaign has finished. It can take between 2-4 weeks to process the information when the deadline closes, and then a further 1-2 weeks to send out any PayPal requests.

This step is really important for us to get right so please be patient whilst we process this data.

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