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Why Kickstarter?

You’re a massive company – why do you need Kickstarter?

Actually, we’re not – we’re young and small, though we can be pretty noisy when we want to be. Without the upfront funding that Kickstarter gives us we could not produce the products we do, at the quality we do, in the timeframe we commit to.

DreadBall – The Plan versus Reality

DreadBall – the Futuristic Sports Game was always meant to be a single boxed game in plastic, with two additional teams and a refbot in metal for extra variety. This was our intended October 2012 release.

After putting it on Kickstarter, we’ve released the boxed game in plastic, including a plastic referee, and we’ll soon have a total of 12 plastic teams, 2 expansions, over 20 MVPS, 5 big multi-hex models and a range of accessories from Acrylic Counters and Pitches to Cheerleader and Coaches. It would have taken years of releases and funding to produce the same amount of product for the game.

In the end the retail release date was pushed back a month to November to cater for all of the extra Season 1 releases, as the tooling pressure and sculpting timetable was incredibly tight.

But what about your retailers – aren't you taking away all of their sales?

This is a bit of a myth – around 1500 people backed our Kings of War project, around 2500 people backed Dreadball and around 4000 backed Deadzone. There are more than this many people in the world!

Firstly, we support our retailers to our utmost ability – we provide them with volunteers to run intro games, promotional material to support their events and great deals to get the Mantic range into their shops. On Kickstarter, we offer them an even better deal so that if a store's customer wants to pledge but doesn’t want to take away their money from their LFGS, they don’t have to – the retailer can pledge on their behalf and get an excellent deal in the process.

Our Kickstarters have disproved the notion that running a project is detrimental to our retailers. Case in point is DreadBall – we’ve sold three times as much through retailers than we did on the Kickstarter, and we attribute that success to the hype and buzz surrounding our project. Kickstarter has given us a continuous product range so that the game remains supported, and a buzzing community who have taken the game as their own and have begun organising tournaments and events.

This will only help retail sales moving forward.

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