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Warpath Marauder Mega Bundle

Warpath Marauder Mega BundleWarpath Marauder Mega Bundle

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Price: £74.99 Product code: MGBF17014 This product is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping from the 22nd January.

Number of Miniatures: 68

Product Type: Mega Force

Wherever there is war you will find the Marauders. Hulking, muscled alien brutes who revel in combat, Marauders are employed as mercenaries by all the major powers in the galaxy. For a Marauder, it does not matter who you fight or why, only how much you can pay.



Includes Warpath Rulebook Collection comprising Warpath, Warpath Firefight and the Sourcebook!

This set contains a massive Marauder force for Warpath, including:

  • 23 Plastic Orc Commandos
  • 12 Plastic Goblin Snipers
  • 14 Hard Plastic Orc Grunts with Weapon Options
  • 4 Plastic Ripper Suits with Weapon Options
  • 3 Plastic Marauder Hulks
  • 2 Metal Mawbeasts
  • 2 Plastic Mawbeast Bombers
  • 1 Plastic Guntrack with Crew
  • 2 Plastic Commando Captains
  • 2 Plastic Guntrack Commando Sergeants
  • 1 Plastic Marauder Raptor
  • 1 Metal Marauder Upgrade Set including HMG and Ripper Claws
  • 25mm, 40mm Round Bases
  • Mantic Points

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue

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