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Don Manning

Don ManningDon Manning

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Don ManningDon Manning
Don ManningDon Manning
Don ManningDon Manning
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Mars Attacks

Number of Miniatures:1

Product Type: Human Hero

Don Manning has been an entrepreneur ever since he realised he could sell cootie catchers in the schoolyard. He’s made a name for himself in aeronautics, online services, innovative technologies and, in recent years, even energy drinks. His many forays into technological developments have earned him the nickname “The Face of the Future”, and he plays up to this wherever he can. When the Martians invaded he was midway through a demonstration of his latest project, the Supa-Go Energy Plus Jetpack – a skilful blend of cutting-edge technology and high-end corporate sponsorship. A long-time member of a secret society with strong ties to the Novas Vira, Manning had supported the group financially for years, and decided that if they were taking the fight back to the Martians it was only right that he should join them on the front lines.


  • 1 Battle-ready, pre-assembled coloured plastic Don Manning

Models supplied unpainted.

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