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Mars Attacks Blaine

Mars Attacks BlaineMars Attacks Blaine

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Mars Attacks

Number of Miniatures:1

Product Type: Human Hero

Nobody in the Tiger Corps – or indeed the whole Novas Vira – is entirely sure where the mercenary identifying himself only as Blaine comes from. Neither do they understand who he is, why he is here or what makes him choose to fight alongside them. What IS clear is that Martians have encountered him before – Tor in particular would appear to have personal history with him – and that’s good enough for them. Anyone who can make the notorious Martian General lose his cool is a valuable asset in the war against the invaders. That he wears a mask constantly and is so mysterious is hardly an issue to a unit that counts Shadow amongst its number, and the Tiger Corps have decided to embrace the enigmatic mercenary for now, relying on his assistance while they still can.


  • 1 Battle-ready, pre-assembled coloured plastic Blaine

Models supplied unpainted.

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