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Crazy Box Bundle

Crazy Box BundleCrazy Box Bundle

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Price: £49.99 Product code: MGBF22

Twice the Mantic Madness!

Product Type: Crazy Box Bundle


One Crazy Box not enough? Then get two! This bundle includes both a Sci-Fi and a Fantasy Crazy Box, with the added guarantee of one box having a special upgrade inside!

With over 50% off retail prices and random Fantasy and Sci-Fi products from Veer-Myn to Salamanders, this great bundle will give you loads of cool miniatures to use in your games or for your own conversion projects.

On top of this, one of your Crazy Boxes will include something extra special - it could be a DreadBall Team, a copy of the new Warpath novel, an Unreleased Character or even a Dungeon Saga Dragon!

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