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Asterian Outbreak Bundle

Asterian Outbreak BundleAsterian Outbreak Bundle

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Skirmishes on forsaken worlds


Number of Miniatures: 32

Product Type: Bundle

The Cypher Clades rarely deploy in large numbers; such a concentration of force threatening the balance the strive to uphold. When they do gather, however, their might is all but unstoppable.

This bundle is only available until the 29th September!


This set contains everything you need get started with the Asterians in Deadzone, including:

  • 10 Hard Plastic Marionettes
  • Noh Rifles
  • Optional Phlogistor, Sniper Rifle, and Grenade Launcher
  • 2 Hard Plastic Support Drones
  • Can be built as either Communications Drone, Camouflage Drone, or Weapon Drone with twin Noh Rifles
  • 2 Plastic Cyphers with Noh Rifles
  • 3 Plastic Cypher Wardens with Charge Gloves
  • 3 Plastic Cyphers with Fission Beamers
  • 2 Plastic Black Talons
  • 1 Plastic Overseer
  • 2 Plastic Cyphers with Force Rifles
  • 2 Plastic Cyphers with Missile Launchers
  • 2 Plastic Cypher Primes
  • 2 Plastic Sky Razors
  • 2 Plastic Drones
  • Can be armed with Shield Generator, Heavy Fission Beamer, or Plasma Vortex
  • 1 Metal Drone Pulse Bombard Upgrade
  • 25mm Plastic Round Bases
  • Rules Leaflet including full stats and rules for fielding the Asterians in Deadzone, including brand new units!
  • Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. Requires the Deadzone 2nd Edition Rulebook to play.

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