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Vanguard: Ice and Iron with Updated Warband Cards

Vanguard: Ice and Iron with Updated Warband CardsVanguard: Ice and Iron with Updated Warband Cards

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Price: £14.99 Product code: MGWEVA010 This product is currently on pre-order and will begin shipping 27th August

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Your Warband, Your Story...

Product Type: Book and Warband Cards

Something stirs in the Winterlands. In the frozen north of the world, the enigmatic Northern Alliance maintain their long vigil, watching the wars of the world from their fortress city of Chill and biding their time. Now, suspicious eyes fall on the cold city, ancient forces turning their attentions to the hidden power lurking there. Vanguards and raiding forces of Abyssal Dwarfs despoil the Winterlands, probing the Alliance’s defences, looking for a weakness to exploit.


In this supplement you will find:

  • Ice & Iron Campaign - An exciting campaign for 2 to 4 players set in the frozen north, featuring all-new rules for severe weather, rationing supplies and a dangerous new exploration table.
  • New Scenarios - Pit your Warbands against each other in seven new scenarios with harsh environmental hazards, from claustrophobic tunnel fights to dangerous ice fields and even falling meteors!
  • Multiplayer Games - A full treatment for games of 3 or more players, with rules for forming and breaking alliances, a new Initiative system, and how to adapt Scenarios for multiple players.
  • Updated Warband Lists - All the basic Warbands from the core rulebook revised with the latest errata, plus eight new factions previously unpublished.

PLUS! Orders from the Mantic website come with updated cards for existing warband cards, including:

  • 2 x Abyssal Hellhound cards
  • Abyssal Warlock
  • Basilean Warband ability card
  • 2 x Basilean Sergeant
  • 2 x Basilean Gur Panther
  • Dwarf Warband ability card
  • 2 x Dwarf Ironguard
  • Dwarf Mastiff Packmaster
  • Dwarf Flamepriest
  • Dwarf Steel Juggernaut
  • Dwarf Berserker Lord
  • Forces of Nature Salamander Veteran
  • 3 x Nightstalker Phantom
  • 3 x Nightstalker Shadowhound
  • Nightstalker Shade
  • Nightstalker Reaper Souldrinker
  • Northern Alliance Warband ability card
  • Northern Alliance Ice-Queen
  • Northern Alliance Thegn
  • 2 x Northern Alliance Ice Kin Hunter
  • Northern Alliance Snow Troll Prime