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Vanguard Cards Upgrade Bundle V1.1

Vanguard Cards Upgrade Bundle V1.1Vanguard Cards Upgrade Bundle V1.1

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Price: £4.99 Product code: MGWEVA003 This product is currently on pre-order and will begin shipping 27th August

Your Warband, Your Story...


Product Type: card set

In this deck, you’ll find updated Warband cards for a selection of Vanguard units. Each is clearly marked with ‘1.1’ and is designed to replace the currently available cards


Cards included in this deck are:


2 x Abyssal Hellhound cards

Abyssal Warlock

Basilean Warband ability card

2 x Basilean Sergeant

2 x Basilean Gur Panther

Dwarf Warband ability card

2 x Dwarf Ironguard

Dwarf Mastiff Packmaster

Dwarf Flamepriest

Dwarf Steel Juggernaut

Dwarf Berserker Lord

Forces of Nature Salamander Veteran

3 x Nightstalker Phantom

3 x Nightstalker Shadowhound

Nightstalker Shade

Nightstalker Reaper Souldrinker

Northern Alliance Warband ability card

Northern Alliance Ice-Queen

Northern Alliance Thegn

2 x Northern Alliance Ice Kin Hunter

Northern Alliance Snow Troll Prime

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