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Magwa & Joo`s

Magwa & Joo`sMagwa & Joo`s

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 2

Product Type: Metal

Unit Type: Hero

One thing that all Mawbeasts have in common is that they are very dangerous, and in war Goblin Beastmasters will drive whole packs at the enemy, where they will chomp and slobber their way through many fighters before being skewered

  • 1 x Metal Magwa
  • 1 x Metal Joo's
  • 1 x 20mm Base
  • 1 x Cavalry Base

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Customer reviews for this product

Zatvornik (Russia) 30 Dec 2012

Magwa & Jo'os are awesome! The miniature is nice itself, and on the field of battle this two fellows can perform good ranged and melee support. Wise choice for following main goblin horde, taking down enemy warmachines and heroes while defending flanks of your units.

Austinitor (Indianapolis) 27 Jun 2012

I love the model, and will be getting one from the Kickstarter, but am confused. The 2011 Goblin list only seems to list 5 and 10 model strong "Mawbeast Packs" as Cavalry, and this caveat:"Note that the handlers models are purely decorative." Where are the rules for these fine fellows with Unit Type: "Hero"?

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