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Kings of War Campaign Pack

Kings of War Campaign PackKings of War Campaign Pack

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Product Type: Organised Play Kit


With the sudden ending of the Winter's Age of Ice, the northern plains of Mantica have been flooded, creating islands that the various races must fight for, to ensure their own survival.

With this Organiser’s Kit you can set up your own 24-Player Kings of War Campaign – a series of linked battles that bards will forever sing songs of. This kit contains an Organiser’s Guide, promotional material and prizes.


  • 1 4 Page Campaign Organisers Guide
  • 1 A3 Kings of War Campaign Map Poster
  • 1 A3 Kings of War Event Poster
  • 5 Kings of War Winners Certificates: Overall Winner, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Best Painted Army, Sportsmanship
  • Prize Support including 24 Exclusive Kings of War Art Prints and 24 Kings of War Sprues


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