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Undead Mega Force

Undead Mega ForceUndead Mega Force

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Kings of War Undead Mega ArmyKings of War Undead Mega Army
Undead Mega ForceUndead Mega Force
Price: £99.99 Product code: MGKWU105 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 140

Product Type: Plastic and Metal Miniatures

Unit Type: Army Set

Even the bravest of men will blanch in terror at the sight of an Undead horde. Legions of foulness advance in horrifying silence, destroying all that they see before them without mercy or restraint. And then, the greatest horror of all, the recently dead rise up on the invisible strings of their necromantic masters to turn on those they called friends and comrades.


This set contains 140 multi-part plastic and metal Undead miniatures, including:

  • 40 Skeletons
  • 20 Revenants
  • 40 Zombies
  • 20 Ghoules
  • 10 Mummies
  • 10 Revenant Cavalry
  • 3 Werewolves
  • 1 Balefire Catapult with Crew
  • Necromancer with optional components
  • Square Bases
  • Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


Customer reviews for this product

Very impressed Jake Norman (Jersey,) 18 Apr 2017

Good quality miniatures across the board, more detailed sculpts on most of them than I was expecting for this price. Customer service is beyond reproach, I had an issue with the lack of a full complement of spears for the skeleton warriors, you're 2 spears short if you want to assemble them in 2 regiments of spearmen with 3 command minis and the rest with spears, but Mantic sent me an extra skeleton sprue, very satisfied. The werewolves, revenant cavalry and mummies are not plastic, they're a kind of resin plastic mix, you can't use plastic glue for those ones you'll need superglue. If it's on a sprue, use plastic glue, if it's loose in a bag use superglue. All of the sculpts are perfect tabletop quality, a pleasure to paint with the exception of the revenant cavalry. The horses are nice but the riders are a little lacking in detail by comparison to the rest of the figures. Still perfectly acceptable, especially at this price. One criticism I do have, and this won't apply to everyone, the infantry figures come with their leg sections attached to slot bases, all as one piece. If you're making your own multibases, as I am, this means you're going to want to remove them from the slot bases and it's quite a fiddly job, the ankles have a tendency to tear if you aren't very careful. After 120 miniatures I can say your best bet is to use side cutter pliers to trim the slot base away from the feet around the sides, and then a jeweller's saw to cut away directly under the feet, that's the best way to avoid snapped legs. Adds a bit of work to the whole process, I'd like to see Mantic move away from including slot bases in their sculpts, a small plastic bar like GW used to use would do the same job when matched with slotted bases, and would be far easier to remove. Overall an excellent purchase, nothing which isn't worth having in your army and a very good starter force for incredibly cheap. I'm ordering a 2nd Mega Force.

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