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15 Points - El`Rik Nisleen - Elf Mage

15 Points - El`Rik Nisleen - Elf Mage15 Points - El`Rik Nisleen - Elf Mage

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Number of Miniatures: 1

Product Type: Metal Miniature

Unit Type: Hero

Born of one of the Sylvian Kin and a mage of Ileuthar, Ek'Rik Nisleen bears the legacy of both his parents. Using the war-dances of the forests and no small amount of magical talent, he tears across the battlefield like a tornado, leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake.

This set contains an inspiring hero for Kings of War, including:

  • 1 Metal El'Rik Nisleen
  • 20mm Plastic Square Base

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue. Packaging not included.

Here's how it works:

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  2. Pick what you want by selecting the item in the store and proceed through the checkout - note that you can add non-Mantic Point items to this order as well.
  3. Post your Mantic Points to us here at Mantic:
    Mantic House, 193 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell,
    Nottingham, UK, NG6 8PF

How do I get Mantic Points?

  • You normally get 1 Point for every 10 figure set, 2 Points for every 20 figure set and upto 4 Points per Army Set or Boxed Game.
  • We give them away at shows and events.
  • Also look out for them in a few other places too!
  • Just send in your Mantic Points with your Mantic Points collection card (PDF opens in a new window). Simply collect either 10, 15 or 25 Mantic points depending on which reward you wish to claim.

Don’t Forget

Postage is applied automatically in our checkout when ordering through the website. If you do pay online please remember to send in your points and order number.

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