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Deadzone Resin Equipment Crates

Deadzone Resin Equipment CratesDeadzone Resin Equipment Crates

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Price: £9.99 Product code: MGDZM10-1


Product Type: Accessory

Add a sense of realism to your games of Deadzone with these resin crates produced by Antenociti’s Workshop. The set contains eight crates with sixteen removable lids to represent different hidden items in-game, designed to replace the item counters that come in the Deadzone game box.


  • 8 High Quality crates with 16 removable lids

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Customer reviews for this product

Great stuff Soren Emil Bay (Gelsted,) 15 Dec 2015

Much nicer than cardboard counters and works as terrain as well. Very nice way to add something extra to DZ.

Great detail and vallue! Marek Vlha (Brno,) 27 Nov 2014

Very nicely done. Looks great on the battlefield.

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