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Industrial Quadrant

Industrial QuadrantIndustrial Quadrant

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Industrial QuadrantIndustrial Quadrant
Industrial QuadrantIndustrial Quadrant
Industrial QuadrantIndustrial Quadrant
Industrial QuadrantIndustrial Quadrant

Industrial QuadrantIndustrial Quadrant

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Price: £99.99 Product code: MGTSCI128

Grab your laser rifle and prepare to conquer the battlefields of the future!

Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery


Declare a citywide war with the Industrial Quadrant, giving enough materials to make your own municipal centre to ignite your conflict.

This set contains 24 Industrial terrain packs, 4 Ruins sprues, 8 Industrial accessory packs, 4 Urban accessory sprues and 5 connector packs, allowing you to construct enough terrain to provide cover for a 6'x4' area (or a 4'x4' area of dense industrial landscape). It can be assembled in a variety of different ways, and combined with other sets from Mantic’s Battlezones Tile System range for even more options.

This set contains:

  • 12 x Industrial Walls Pack A
  • 12 x Industrial Walls Pack B
  • 2 x Ruins Sprue 1
  • 2 x Ruins Sprue 2
  • 4 x Industrial Accessories Pack A
  • 4 x Industrial Accessories Pack B
  • 4 x Urban Accessorises Sprue
  • 5 x Connector Pack

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Customer reviews for this product

Wow Ole Lillejordet (OSlo,) 22 Feb 2017

First of all, this is great value! you get a huge amount of elements to build your terrain just as you like it, its almost to many possible ways to build this. It was packaged well and almost all elements were packaged in smal neat bags. but there is one smal issue i have with the connectors that hold the wall elements together, they are way to hard to click into position, i had to use pliers to force some into position, and this works great when you can get the pliers to where you need them but sometimes you will simply not be able to make these click into their socket. while this may not seem like a huge issue when the kit is amazing in every other aspect its enough to only rate 4 stars. We will absolutely buy more of these setts and if the fitts are better on the next sett we will rate 5 stars So to sum up Buy this, its great! but expect to spend some time and sore thumbs to press those fittings into their sockets

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