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Kings of War Battlefield Cards

Kings of War Battlefield CardsKings of War Battlefield Cards

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It's Time for War!

Product Type: Battlefield Cards


No plan survives contact with the enemy. These supplementary cards are designed to add additional effects and tactics to your games of Kings of War – challenging even the most seasoned general to think and adapt to a changing battle.

CONDITIONS – these can be something like reduced visibility or even earthquakes that reduce a unit’s speed 

STRATEGY – here you might get the chance to re-roll a dice, subtract one from a nerve test or even get a magical artefact for free 

OBJECTIVES – there are numerous objectives, such as 3 VPs if you have more unit strength entirely on the opposing half of the board or 2 VPs if you rout the most expensive remaining unit


Contents: 54 Tactics cards, including Condition Cards, Strategy Cards, Objective Cards and Instructions.

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