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Kings of War Scenario and Objective Set

Kings of War Scenario and Objective SetKings of War Scenario and Objective Set

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Price: £24.99 Product code: MGKW218 This product is currently on pre-order and will begin shipping 21st October

Product Type: Objective Set

 Kings of War is a mass-battle fantasy wargame set in the world of Pannithor. Rank upon rank of soldiers march into bloody combat, while winged demons battle fiery dragons overhead. From launching devastating bombardments of artillery, to tactically out-flanking your opponent’s forces, Kings of War is a game of exciting, expansive fantasy battle


Designed to be used alongside the new scenarios in Third Edition, this a great set to help bring your games to life. Includes:

  • 7 x PVC plastic scenery objective markers
  • 10 x Acrylic Loot Counters
  • 10 x Acrylic Bluff Counters

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