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Quickshade Blue Tone Ink

Quickshade Blue Tone InkQuickshade Blue Tone Ink

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Product Type: Ink Wash

Colour: QS Blue Tone Ink

The Quickshade Blue Tone Ink is loaded with heavy blue pigment in the popular Warpaints ink resin base. Use on top of white for an instant blue toned and shaded miniature or on top of blue colours for extra depth and shading. Try experimenting with Warpaints: Barbarian Flesh and Necrotic Flesh for that "cold from the grave" look - very striking! Shading and colour toning in one wash.


Army Painter Quickshade is a pigmented varnish which will shade your miniatures perfectly and still let the colours come through. Painting armies of miniatures to fantastic results has never been easier - especially if you combine this high quality product with the revolutionary Colour Primers.

It comes in full 18ml. dropper bottles enabling you to administer the exact amount you need

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