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Firefight Campaign Bundle

Firefight Campaign BundleFirefight Campaign Bundle

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Number of Miniatures: 80

Product Type: Bundle

The humans had escaped the ambush. Skrat kicked one of his cousins for their failure. This world would not be lost so easily. They would regroup and break the humans’ lines with fire and hatred. This world belonged to the Veer-Myn.


This bundle contains everything you need to start playing Warpath: Firefight, including the Firefight Rulebook, two Starter Forces, and a brand new campaign book featuring the GCPS and Veer-Myn!

This set includes:

Warpath: Firefight Rulebook

  • Full rules for furious firefights in the far future
  • Full army lists for 6 Factions
  • Advanced rules including scenarios, secondary objectives and specialist orders

Firefight Campaign Supplement

  • Exciting Campaign featuring the GCPS and the Veer-Myn
  • Starter Army lists, based on the GCPS and Veer-Myn Starter Forces
  • Miniature Showcase of the Mantic Studio Armies
  • Tips for building your armies

GCPS Starter Force

  • 20 Hard Plastic GCPS Marines/Rangers
  • Laser Rifle, Heavy Laser Rifle, Flamer, Grenade Launcher, and Pistol Weapon Options
  • Sergeant and Comms Trooper Options
  • 2 Hard Plastic and Metal GCPS Anti-Tank Weapons Teams
  • Missile Launcher and Laser Cannon Weapon Options
  • 2 Hard Plastic and Metal GCPS Anti-Infantry Weapons Teams
  • Mortar and Autocannon Weapon Options
  • 2 Hard Plastic and Metal GCPS Engineers
  • 1 Plastic Strider
  • Polaris Cannon, Assault Flamer and Chainsaw Weapon Options
  • Choice of open or closed canopies and extra armour
  • 1 Hard Plastic Mule Transport
  • Autocannon and Laser Cannon Weapon Options
  • 1 Metal GCPS Major-General
  • 60mm and 25mm Round Bases

Veer-Myn Starter Force

  • 30 Hard Plastic Nightcrawlers/Stalkers
  • Heavy Ray Gun, Ray Gun, Ray Pistol and Chem Thrower Weapon Options
  • 6 Hard Plastic Nightmares
  • Twin Combat Drills, Chem thrower, Heavy Chem Thrower and Heavy Combat Drill Weapon Options
  • 2 Plastic Progenitors
  • Chemical Grenade Launcher and Spitter Rifle
  • 2 Plastic Night Terrors
  • Chem Sprayer and Scythes Weapon Options
  • 1 Brood Mother
  • Chem Staff and Claws
  • 25mm, 40mm, and 60mm Round Bases

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires Superglue.

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