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The Mantic Team is made up of hobby enthusiasts and world-class creatives that bring you miniature ranges such as Deadzone, Kings of War and Warpath. Not to mention some of the best board games on the market like Hellboy, The Walking Dead, Here’s Negan, Star Saga (the futuristic dungeon crawler) and DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game

We also appear at wargaming/board games show. Don’t be shy, say hi.

Try not to look Ronnie in the eyes. Why not try and steal his hat? Or talk about how much he loves Bards.

Join us at Events.

Join us for tournaments at HQ. Check the Events page to see what’s coming up.

So, welcome to a new and exciting era for gaming and shopping at Mantic HQ that will see us extending opening hours throughout the week and even the weekend. ZOMG!


The below visiting times will start from January 13th, 2020!

  • Monday: 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday: 10am-4pm
  • Thursday: 10am-4pm
  • Friday: 2pm-10pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED

We’ll have space and terrain for a variety of games from Kings of War to Deadzone and an occasional DreadBall match thrown in for good measure. To book a table, please email store@manticgames.com

Or head over to our Facebook group for the gaming hall. Please feel free to book tables and arrange games here.

Of course, the store will be open during this time too – so if you need some minis to complete your Mantic army or even some Army Painter bits, then we’ll have those on offer too. We’ll also be expanding the products available in the store too… stay tuned for more details on that.



We’re also pleased to offer Tours of Mantic HQ so you can see how some of our miniatures made and perhaps encounter the elusive, lesser-spotted Ronnie stalking through the corridors. Tours take place at 2 pm Friday. Please email store@manticgames.com in advance to let us know when you would like to visit.

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