Mantic FrantiCon is the largest and most exciting Mantic convention in the world. Organised in partnership between Mantic Games and the Frantic Gamers Podcast, the sole aim is to create the best event experience possible for players to revel in the Mantic Games ecosystem. With 78 attendees, MFC 2019 saw five events covering Kings of War, Deadzone, Warpath: Firefight and DreadBall over a single, amazing weekend. After receiving incredible survey feedback from attendees afterwards, we thought we’d make Mantic FrantiCon 2020 bigger, better and way more awesome!

Mantic FrantiCon 2020 will have an epic seven events to choose from over the course of the three days!

Vanguard FG Tournament: Ante Bellum I
Juan Hidalgo Miniatures: Painting Masterclass
Dreadball UK National Championship 2020 (1st Half)

Kings of Herts @ FrantiCon 2020
Deadzone FG Tournament: Desolation III
Dreadball UK National Championship 2020 (2nd Half)

Kings of War FG Tournament: Erit Bellum II
Deadzone FG Doubles: Gemini I

Whatever you choose to play it will be a cracking weekend of gaming, and one you will not want to miss!

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