Jack of Herts IV will be a 2000pt tournament. It will also be a qualifying event for Mantic’s Clash of Kings 2020 tournament. This means the highest placing 90% or more Mantic model army will receive a free ticket to Mantic’s premier Kings of War event.

This event will use the Kings of War version 3 ruleset and some event-specific rulings.

Over the past two years, Aycliffe Drive Primary School has let us run our tournaments in the hall for exceedingly low prices. This has allowed us to use ticket sales to build up our resources to run these tournaments. Now we are established, we would like to do something to pay the school back for all its support. In that vein, this will be our second event where we will donate as much of the ticket sales as possible directly to the school. Last time we still had excellent prize support, thanks to a number of generous companies, foremost of which was Mantic, however, prize support is not guaranteed for this event.

To secure your place at the event, you can purchase a ticket from http://kingsofherts.bigcartel.com

For more information about Kings of Herts, please like our Page and join our Group:

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