• This event will be a two day, 5 game event at 3000pt Army value from Clash of Kings 2022 rule book using any FAQ update released by the beginning of August 2022.
  • Each army will be able to pick a mounted special character from the event rules pack that will be available as a link on The Golden Troll Events Facebook page by the end of November ’21.
  • Army lists to be submitted using mantic.easyarmy.com to [email protected] by midnight on the 6th August 2022 any late lists get deducted 5 points and an additional 1point for each further day ( to a maximum of 3).
  • Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places, most sporting, best painted army ( players choice) & a prize for best painted Mounted Character judged by the event organisers.
  • The Saturday Leader T-shirt will also be handed out before socializing ( hopefully although) gets underway after the 3rd game.