One of our favorite things in Star Saga was the idea of playing missions 1A and 1B at the same time.

The idea of one player trying to open the door for the other players while they are shouting hurry up I am being shot. The only downside is you need more board sections. We have you covered better than your friends will.


Star Saga The Eiras Contract core board game, Star Saga SciFi Doors, Star Saga Nexus Screen, Star Saga Nexus Acrylic Counter Set,  Star Saga Mercenary Acrylic Counter, Star Saga Eiras Contract Tile Pack and Star Saga Dice Booster.

This gives you all the boards, doors, dice and tokens you need. But be quick this deal is only for Black Friday and then it will be gone.

Models supplied unpainted.










5 in stock


The Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere is the most technologically advanced civilisation in the history of mankind. When a powerful corporation starts stealing secrets, a team of the galaxy’s deadliest mercenaries is hired to retrieve them. Their target: a network of laboratories hidden deep beneath the surface of the planet Eiras. The reward is high, but so is the risk! If the elite guards weren’t enough, our heroes will also have to deal with the monstrous creations of Eiras’ twisted master… Welcome to Star Saga, a game of high adventure in a futuristic world of space travel, advanced technology, and myriad alien races. Choose your character and take to the table-top to defeat evil scientists, merciless Marines, and devious puzzles. As the story takes unexpected twists and turns you’ll be forced to make difficult decisions to stay alive.


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