1 x  Matsudan Saburi Conclave Faction Starter, including:

  • 1 x resin Toshiyori Matsudan Leader
  • 1 x resin Sekiwake Matsudan Specialist
  • 1 x resin Ozeki/Yokozuna (alternate weapon variants) Matsudan Specialist
  • 1 x resin Inashi Matsudan Specialist
  • 10 x hard plastic Marionettes
  • 2 x hard plastic Support Drones
  • 2 x PVC Weapon Drones

1 x  web exclusive Metal Asterian Pulse bombard upgrade pack

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Metal and Resin models require Super Glue. 

Find out more about the Matsudan here.


Available on backorder


The Matsudan have a culture steeped in tradition and honour, so the actions of the profit-hungry corporations of the GCPS regularly come into conflict with the Matsudan’s venerable sense of integrity.

INCLUDES WEB EXCLUSIVE PULSE BOMBARD – upgrade one of your drones with the devastating Pulse Bombard!

Please note this is a pre-order and is due to start shipping from the 24th of August. 


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