1x Here’s Negan Board Game and 1x Terrain crate abandoned Factory set.

Please note this is a bulky item and will not count towards free shipping.

Models supplied unpainted.


£84.98 £76.48


Here’s Negan is a co-operative board game for 1 to 5 players, based on The Walking Dead comic-book series. Each player takes the role of a Survivor, recruited by the ruthless Negan. Under Negan’s instructions, the Survivors must battle to clear out a large factory complex to create a safe haven in the brutal wilderness. By scavenging supplies, securing key objectives and fighting The Walking Dead, the players hope to win Negan’s favour and ultimately become his top lieutenants.

Take your game to the next level with 3d terrain from the abandoned factory set.

Warehouses are ideal sources of shelter and supplies after the world has ended. They can also play host to anything from clandestine corporate conspiracies to illegal arms trade and mafia deals. This set includes a wide range of scenery to populate these grimy locales, even including a weapons locker and a furnace.


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