1x Dungeon saga book box crammed full of miniatures, dice cups, and terrain.

These boxes are 100% random packed by myself. I will do my best not to put duplicate models in the sets, but you may end up with the odd duplicate. This means if you buy multiple boxes you will get something different in each one.

You will get models from the following systems (Please note you might not get something from each.) Warpath, Kings of war, Dreadball, Deadzone, Dungeon saga, Terrain crate, and Star Saga.

You may get a points model or two or a Dungeon Saga resin mini from the Kickstarter Maybe even a Dreadball team.

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.




Out of stock


During this time of working from home and self-isolation, we at Mantic wanted to put together a box full of fun hobby related treats to keep you going. This contains a mixture of models, dice and some OOP minis that you can no longer get hold of. Anyone that has seen my now world-famous bargain bins think that but crammed into a  Dungeon Saga book box weighing in at nearly 2KG.

Please note we are still shipping it just might take us a little longer than normal.


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