Welcome to the Mantic Games Retailer Pledge for League of Infamy. We are dedicated to our retail partners therefore we are delighted to tell you about the retail pledge for our new Kickstarter.

Starting from October 28th at 8pm (UK time) and until the campaign closes on November 13th, retailers can jump on board the exciting Kickstarter campaign. The Retail Pledge is a £75 deposit that can be redeemed against your final order.

Please note the following:

  • You must pledge using the email address associated with your store
  • Only confirmed retailers are eligible for the Retailer Pledge. To confirm your details please email kyle.przelenski@manticgames.com (North America and Canada), clive.stone@manticgames.com (UK) and josh.roberts@manticgames.com (Europe and the Rest of World). Please do not contact us through Kickstarter Messages as we may miss your email.
  • You are free to order the Kickstarter edition of League of Infamy in quantities appropriate to your store. For the optional extras unlocked during the campaign please discuss with your trade representative.
  • Our normal retailer discounts will apply.
  • A commitment deposit of £75 pledged during the course of the campaign is required to receive your order. You should select the Retail Pledge option on the campaign page to ensure you receive the correct items.
  • A signed agreement between Mantic Games and the respective retailer that sets out the above will be required before shipment. The remaining balance on your order will be due immediately before shipment.

Please read the League of Infamy Kickstarter page for details about the game. Use the email addresses above to contact your local Mantic Games trade representative if you have any questions about the retailer pledge. Once you’ve pledged, a member of our sales team will contact you after the campaign ends to confirm your order.

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