So we all know it’s Ronnie’s 40th birthday today (ED: i’m 28!!) it can mean only one thing – presents for everyone!


For the next 12 hours, in addition to the FREE Goblin Sneek and Hobby essentials bundle (consisting of a brush, clippers and Army Painter Flock worth over £10!), we’re also offering:

15% off on all items in the webstore; Army Deals, Abyssal Dwarfs, Dwarf King’s Hold – the lot, just provided the order is over £50/€75/$99.

Limited Edition models for sale including the Elf General and Dwarf Driller.

dwarf drill jpeg no logoLimited Edition Elven General

Loose Sprues such as the terrifying Zombies, mighty Elves and the solid (and slightly drunk) Dwarfs!

zombie sprue

This is the perfect opportunity to pre-order yourself the Orc army deal for instace, with 15% off, a free Goblin Sneek, free Shipping and brush, flock and clippers with which to help build, paint and base the almighty horde of stunning hero figures and over 130 plastic infantry (though we entirely understand if your eyes are drawn to the 200 figure Undead Army Deal)! Alternatively, why not bulk out your existing units with loose sprues, or take the opportunity to add two very characterful, limited edition models to your collections?

All of this is for ONE DAY ONLY and the discount is automically applied in our secure checkout meaning no fiddly discount code. Come midnight 22nd March, this offer is gone! So help celebrate Ronnie’s birthday and grab yourself a big discount and a whole heap of new, cool stuff for next to nothing!

EDIT: Just to clarify the discount is applied automatically in our secure checkout so there’s no need for a discount code meaning more figures at special prices with less hassle!

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