The Deadzone Kickstarter ends this weekend – it’s your last chance to climb aboard!

This weekend our Deadzone Kickstarter ends. The backing we receive helps us make games that look, feel and play brilliantly – and it is done because of the support we receive from our fans. The strike team pledge (aka the sweet spot!) offers fantastic value to our backers – as a way of saying thank you for helping make the game so awesome!


For example, the Strike Team includes the following:

The complete boxed game,
• including the rule book
• 4 complete faction decks cards – unique to each force
• all the counters, including objective, wound, overwatch markers
• all the compendium and campaign add-ons delivered directly to your tablet or PC
• and the dice …

You also get 4 complete faction sets – with all the models you need to get gaming, including:

• The Enforcers – sent to exterminate the Plague Outbreak
• The Plague – an outbreak is infecting the planet – creating a ‘Deadzone’
• The Orxs – working for the highest bidders – while killing and having fun!
• The Rebs – using the ‘Containment Protocol’ to steal unguarded vital resources, medical equipment and weapons!
• Plus a selection of great heroes, mercenaries and characters, such as Nastanza, Recon Unit N32-19 and The Survivor – featured in the Nexus Psi campaign pack and within the game.

DZ Blaine_wip

Blaine – this new Kickstarter Exclusive Miniature has been funded and included free with game pledges of Recon ($100+Early Bird), Strike Team ($150+Early Bird) and up!

With all the scenery you need to play:

• A selection of tiles with clips and struts to allow you to build a unique 3D gaming mat every time you play
• A hard wearing, highly detailed, full colour, printed and non-slide 2×2 gaming mat (which will retail for up to $40
• Plus a selection of barricades, barrels and other cover to use in-play

2-BattleZones-50v2And a few exclusives for supporting the campaign:

• A series of collectable postcards (mountable) illustrating the DeadZone art
• A signed lithoprint – only available to Kickstarter backers
• And a number of the unique sculpts will only be available during this kickstarter campaign

Oh, and of course there is the free sprue of plastic zombies – what kickstarter would be complete without those!!!

So, please get on over and help us make this the most fantastic kickstarter ever – and grab yourselves an absolute bargain while you do!!



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