There are just 2 days left of our epic DreadBall Kick-off giveaway!

Yep, you’ve got until Friday to take us up on our offer of a free Kick-off Extra Time pack if you purchase DreadBall Kick-off on our website!


DreadBall from Hammerhead 2013

So, what’s the difference between DreadBall Deluxe and this awesome new promotion? A roster pad, 4 players and a printed book – for £20 less.

Yep, you get all of the dice, cards, counters you need to play, plus two fantastic 8-player teams, the excellent RefBot, pitch and a digital copy of the full Rulebook, and a mini-rulebook that contains all of the basic actions.


DreadBall Kick-off – with this excellent deal, get the RefBot, Card Deck and the full digital rulebook for free!

Get to the store and grab your DreadBall Kick-off – and whilst you’re there, check out our sale section: it finishes Midnight 2nd February!

Note: Kick-off Extra Time will not appear on your order confirmation. Instead it will be automatically included in your order as it is dispatched.