Ronnie here. Sorry I have been a little quiet – but it has been a little crazy around here for the past….well the past 5 months probably! For the last week I have been down in the warehouse sending out webstore orders to make sure they arrive for Christmas and trying to help with missing orders.

As you can imagine with Kings of War going crazy, and then the second biggest Kickstarter we’ve ever done to ship things have been a little hectic. Actually they haven’t been quite good enough. We’ve tried hard, and in many case backers and fans are very happy – with the games, the service and the products overall. However, in too many cases we have fallen short of the standards I want Mantic to stand for. In almost every case that has had nothing to do with the quality of the product or the game play, but in fact it has been with our inability to get the right items to the right people at the right time.

Ok – the case for the defense…

Just to let you have an insight into what has been going on, we have shipped 4 times more Kings of War rulebooks in the last 4 months than in the whole 3 years of the first print run – in fact nearly as many copies of Uncharted Empires have been sent out in 3 weeks as the KoW 1st edition!


We have shipped over 12,000 parcels in the last 6 months (compared with 3000 in the first 6 months), and changing pace by almost 400% is quite hard. The Dungeon Saga Kickstarter was another monster with a huge amount of choice to modify your pledge- meaning every single pledge was unique. Although we got the core components built there was still a huge amount of individualization – and that always increases the error rate.

That said we knew much of what was coming and we should have been better organized! Every member of team Mantic has worked incredibly hard these past 3 months, and I cannot fault anyone for their effort. However, the standards we’ve achieved in the last 3 months have fallen short of those we aspire to.

So where are we up to?

The customer service team and the warehouse are currently busy shipping out the Kings of War 2 Kickstarter and dealing with the aftermath of the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter.

Dungeon Saga Kickstarter Shipping

All of the pledge levels for Dungeon Saga have been sent out. If you haven’t received yours yet, there will only be three reasons why:

* It has been returned to us.

* It is lost in the post

* The pledge manager was not properly completed.

If you need to get in touch regarding a missing Dungeon Saga pledge please contact us via the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter Messages.

Dungeon Saga Missing/Damaged Items and To Follow items

We are experiencing an unprecedented number of orders, returns and missing items forms. If you are missing items, or have any mis-packs or damaged items, in your Dungeon Saga order, please complete the missing items for here.

Missing items takes specialist staff who understand every component for the products they are dealing with. It’s not a quick or easy job but over the next 3-4 weeks the team will be dedicated to packing and shipping all the missing item orders, so please bear with us as it will be 4-6 weeks before you receive your bits. We’re sorry for the delay and thank for your patience. This also applies to any follow on items.

Kings of War 2 Kickstarter dispatch


The Kings of War Wave 2 Kickstarter dispatch continues at a phenomenal rate, and we expect to complete shipping the packages next week.

If you need to get in touch regarding Kings of War 2 Kickstarter please contact us via the Kings of War 2 Kickstarter Messages.

Remember – if you have submitted a message or missing items form, we will get them sorted, just please bear with us during this busy period

Moving Forward

To make sure we are better able to meet the challenges ahead – because I hope next year will be another one of huge growth for Mantic – I have also been strengthening the team.

In order to make sure we maintain the high standards of customer service we have offered in the past I am delighted to announce the following positions have been successfully filled.

Customer Experience Manager


Zak is responsible for making sure that everyone has a great experience whenever they encounter Mantic Games. While his first task is to get customer services back up to scratch, his long term role is to make sure we can recruit and maintain new gamers through demo games, pathfinders and other offline community support.

Production Supervisor

Alex's 'cheerful' face.

Alex will make sure we have the right stock in the right place in the right amount, and continue to manage the Kickstarter dispatch. A very difficult task when you consider our growth and broad product range and so many suppliers.
Dispatch Supervisor

The Evil Spaniard












Alberto will make sure every customer – be they trade or webstore – gets their order quickly and accurately.

Online Manager


Chris can now concentrate on Mantic online so ensuring our website, Facebook, twitter and other new and clever internet things are up-to-date, useful and fun.

Chief Operation Officer (Of whom I could not source a working photo)


Matt’s responsibility is now to get Mantic ready for the growth ahead so it is delivered it with the highest levels of customer service.


Mantic, with fantastic support from the community, has done a great job, through hard work and persistence, getting to where it is now. Over the next few years we must ensure Mantic has detailed plans, processes and systems (especially IT) that support the business. We must do this – all the while continuing to make fantastic, fun games, supported with great value for money and high quality miniatures and components if we want to be the hobby company that our supporters can be proud of. I am sorry for too many of you that we have been below our normal standards these past 6 weeks – but we will get back to those standards in early 2016 – and then move past them!

Best wishes – have a wonderful holidays and incredible 2016. Oh, and watch out for some teasers of what 2016 might bring…it’s gonna blow your mind!



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