There are just 3 hours to go until the end of the DreadBall Kickstarter!

We’re currently chasing down Dozer –

$670,000 – “Dozer,” Teraton MVP

Despite his irrational fear of the Nameless (ew, tentacles!), “Dozer” is not someone you tease lightly. Headstrong and reckless by Teraton standards, “Dozer’ is a living tank and immensely strong. Cunning use of his teleportation device means that “Dozer” always seems to be in the right place at the right time, electrical trails blazing all around him as he flails his entire body to beat his opponent into submission…

The big guy himself, if we hit this goal we will be able to produce “Dozer,” the Teraton MVP. This guy is big like Buzzcut, and we’ll include him in the extras so you can  add him to your pledge!

Striker! is now bursting with value (with a saving of over $200!) and we’re struggling to fit much more in. We’ve still got more to come – so let’s keep charging towards 2,500 backers and let’s get you some more stuff to ogle!!

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