With the Open Day literally around the corner (Saturday seems so close!) the web team are beavering away getting all the fun, exciting and exclusive Open Day weekend deals and specials available on the website, so you don’t miss out, even if you don’t have a ticket.

OpenDayMathieuHappy in the knowledge that he can take part in

the Open Day from home.

One of the other things the web team have done is put up a new Shows and Events section on the website. In here, you’ve got all your directions to the Open Day, timetable for the different activities and events as well as all the details of our THE ORCIES painting competition (for which you can enter online don’t forget!)

Tommie says the key to good painting technique is all in the little finger

Tommie and Dave will be handing out the coverted GOLDEN ORCY

trophy to the winners of the painting competition

You’ll also find all of our event reports, such as the Chelmsford Bunker and the Tempest Rising tournament award winning Abyssal Dwarf Army, as well as information on forthcoming events such as Gencon (we’re there – watch out for details coming soon!). Eventually, you’ll feel like you were almost at the show!

Alessio runs through the rules of KOW

Alessio Cavatore will be taking part in a joint Kings of War/Warpath Seminar with Ronnie –

you’ll be able to submit questions to him as well! Find out how tomorrow!

This weekend is going to be truly massive, so make sure you hang around, sit at your computer on Saturday and check out the cool fun things we’ve got on offer – in the mean time, here’s a taster of some of our Show Special Army Deals (that, and don’t forget that all of our £99 or less army deals are ending at the end of July!)

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