So everyone keeps hearing us talk about DreadBall, “but why should I play it?” I hear you ask. Well here are my top 5 reasons why you should play DreadBall. I would have just said because it’s incredibly awesome, but that really didn’t seem to have too much substance to it. So read on to find out why in a bit more detail…..

1) Simple Rules


If I can play DreadBall, anyone can!

DreadBall has a fantastically easy pick up and play ruleset. The core mechanics of the game can be picked up within 10 minutes and you can have a great game using only the basics, ignoring the more advanced rules. This doesn’t mean that DreadBall lacks depth! Once you get to grips with the core mechanics you can start adding the more advanced rules to make the game far more tactical and rewarding!

2) Diverse teams and play style


The Zees surround an enemy Z’zor player. Cheating is what they do best!

Dreadball has a huge choice of teams to choose from. With 12 very unique teams, ranging from the tentacle armed aliens of the Nameless to the cerebrally enhanced monkey clones of the zees, DreadBall has a team that will appeal to everyone in some way! Not only are these teams hugely varied in their physical appearance but each teams plays completely different, giving you 12 different ways to play DreadBall!

3) Fast Games


2 players smashing through a DreadBall game!

A game of DreadBall consists of 14 rushes, with 5 action tokens to use per rush. This simple core mechanic gives the game a great feeling of speed and makes each rush feel very fluid. This adds to making the game feel like a live sport. Nobody wants to watch a sports team walk around the pitch! It’s meant to be fast and frantic, especially in DreadBall, where trying to keep your head connected to your neck is a very high priority! Being able to finish a game of DreadBall in between 30 minutes to an hour means you get ever more games into your gaming time, this is great if you have a lot of people to play at your local gaming club or you are just trying to fit a sneaky game in on your lunch hour!

4) Great Value


The boxed game has everything you need to get 2 people playing right away!

Mantic Games are always great value for money, but DreadBall really takes the biscuit! The starter game is £49.99 and this contains everything you need to play DreadBall and use all of the advanced mechanics, but if you are just getting started you can get all the things you need for even better vaule!

DreadBall team – £14.99

DreadBall game board – £9.99

DreadBall rules – free download

So for just under £25 you have everything you need to start playing with the core mechanics! If you are playing with a friend and go halves on the board that brings it down to £20! We all have a bucket of dice knocking about somewhere and counters aren’t essential, you can keep track of things however you like! As you get more into DreadBall you can start adding things such as the card deck and the ref bot to take advantage of the more advanced rules. There really is no reason not to try DreadBall for such a great value intro cost!

5) Fantastic support


DreadBall originally launched with 4 teams and 8 MVP’s back in season 1. Skip forward in time to the present and we currently have 12 teams with 28 MVP’s! DreadBall has grown at a rapid rate and is still getting support now. Seasons 4, 5 and 6 are all in in development in the studio, with season 4 being ready and starting to ship in January. DreadBall has taken brilliantly to tournament play, getting a spotlight at last year’s Mantic Open day. Not only that, but an organised play kit is in the working, giving retailers the framework to run their own event in store!

Well thats my top 5 reasons to play DreadBall, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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