1) Hard plastic Forge Guard

These miniatures are truly some of the most gorgeous models I have ever seen. The prospect of being able to field these fantastic miniatures just excites me. The Hailstorm Rifles and Forge Hammers are beautiful looking weapons and the huge armour worn by these elite warriors make everyone single Forge Guard look like an impenetrable fortress, unstoppable to all but the heaviest of firearms and rending claws!


2) Iron Ancestor

Ever since I read the background for this unit I’ve just wanted to get one on the table. The thought of having the oldest and wisest warriors the leaders of the star realm have to offer, in these mechanical juggernauts, wielding plasma vortex cannons (yes I said plasma!!!!) and a huge, monstrous hydraulic rending claw just makes me need this model.


3) Conversion and kitbashing options

For me, Forge Fathers loosely translates to “space dwarfs”. With the already fantastic array of Forge Father models spanning across Warpath and Dreadball and the dwarf models from kings of war, I’m looking forward to making some pretty unique models for the table top!


4) New strategies to employ in Deadzone

Being able to field a new faction is always exciting. The Forge Fathers bring a new play style to the world of Deadzone. Being heavily armour and incredibly difficult to kill, the Forge Guard also have the “tough” and “life support” special rules, making them fantastic choices to hold objectives. This is reflected in the mission cards where the majority of them involve capturing objectives.


5) Expansion of the Deadzone universe

With the inclusion of the Forge Guard and Brokkrs to Deadzone, the Forge Fathers will become the most the most comprehensive range across the deadzone and warpath universe. This is great for developing Mantics own IP and collecting an entire army will engage our players with the background of the world, in turn giving us the opportunity to explore further and create a much deeper experience.

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