With the release of the A.I. Deck as part of the Deadzone: Contagion expansion, we’re really very excited about what artificial intelligence could mean for how you play games. Are you considering picking up a copy?


Deadzone: Contagion

1) No players? No problem.

We can appreciate that sometimes, it’s difficult to find an opponent. Plans get cancelled, local clubs aren’t local, or the game is just so new that people haven’t picked up on it yet. From this point onwards, these should no longer prevent you from enjoying a game of Deadzone. You can pull out the rules and pair of Strike teams (or maybe some zombies) and spend an evening playing against an opponent that literally knows no fear. You could even play cooperatively, with a friend, against the artificial opponent!

2) Field testing!

Do you want to see how a new configuration for your Strike Team works on the table top? Or perhaps try out some newly release models (link) play against your own force? Using the A.I. rules will allow you to practice your skills and hone your force before you face an opponent, or engage in a tournament. You could even use them to gain a familiarity with rules which you are unsure about.

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3) Play all the Strike Teams!

You now have the opportunity to select not just one, but two of your favourite factions and see them both in action on the table top, at the same time. Our entire Deadzone range is covered by the A.I. Rules, with space to add any later faction releases to them. You can also create and play out narrative scenarios that match any storyline that you can think of, yet still have a degree of uncertainty as to whether or not your treasured heroes will survive the perils of Nexus Psi. You know the story; but not the ending.

4) Zombies!

Contagion contains an immersive campaign for Deadzone, wherein you Strike Team must fight against increasingly tough odds to break through the undead hordes and escape the Deadzone. Of course, the campaign is designed to be played with the A.I. deck controlling the zombies, and provides a great narrative experience. Additionally, the zombies themselves can be used as an unbiased third player in multi-player games, which continually harass both sides and give you more to focus on that just your opponent.


5) A Challenge

The rules provide you with a unique challenge in terms of gaming, which will test your skills and strategies to the limit facing an opponent who knows no fear. It’s different than facing a flesh and blood opponent as they can be less predictable and more inscrutable; the ultimate in a gaming poker face. In the same manner as those who are able to play games of chess (or Loka) against themselves, you can flex you mental muscles into working out how to deal with scenarios and strategies and hone your skills as a player.

Deadzone: Contagion is now available to pre-order, either individually or as part of Deadzone: All-Access Edition, which includes the new supplement, Deadzone Boxed Game as well as Deadzone: Incursion and the Nexus Psi Campaign Book. Deadzone: Contagion begins shipping from October and will be available from all good hobby retailers.

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