The Nexus Psi Campaign Book is the first expansion for Deadzone, and will be available this March! (I know – we don’t hang about, do we?) What’s more, it will be up for pre-order on Friday, so make sure you point your browser at the Mantic Store at the end of the week!

We’ll be giving you a few previews throughout the week, but first of all here’s a rundown of what’s cool about it!

Boomer! (Okay, there's more than that, but Boomer's a start.)

Boomer! (Okay, there’s more than that, but Boomer’s a start.)

#5: It tells the tale of the death of a world.

For the uninitiated, Nexus Psi is the setting for Deadzone. It’s a planet out on the frontier of GCPS space, a colony that has fallen prey to a terrible disaster – and outbreak of the Plague. As a result it has been quarantined, its whereabouts wiped from all maps and navigational records, its existence all but denied by the Council of Seven. The Nexus Psi expansion tells the story from ground level, bringing a whole new perspective to your games of Deadzone.

#4: It contains a full two-player campaign. 

The book’s divided up into several sections, but the main chunk is a campaign set against the Nexus Psi backdrop. Across a series of scenarios, two players will battle for supremacy, with one taking control of the Plague and the other picking from one of the other three available factions. The scenarios are all different, each with their own narrative and objectives. This is a great way for a pair of players to really get into Deadzone and advance their Strike Forces without a big gaming group – we can’t wait to show you more about it!

#3: It contains a whole short story!

Containment Protocols is an upcoming compilation of short stories that’s being released digitally, but we wanted to include one in here as well to really help players get a feel for the setting. Hostile Acquisitions by Dave Boddy is a thumping tale of Corporate espionage and double-dealing that twists and turns all the way to the ending. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

#2: It’s got everything you want to know about the four factions. 

With the sheer amount of rules we packed into the Deadzone book, we didn’t manage to cram in as much background as we wanted to – well, we’re fixing that with Nexus Psi! As well as the tale of the world itself, we’ve packed in plenty of information about the history, organisation and weaponry of the Enforcers, the Plague, the Rebs and the Marauders. Several of the Mercenaries also get a full-page spread, including the slightly deranged Hobgoblin in the photo above.

#1: Dave teaches you how to paint!

Okay, this one’s pretty exciting. For the first time ever in one of our books, Dave the Paint God (we’re still working on the final version of his actual title) will give you step-by-step instruction on how to paint your Deadzone models. People have asked for it, so we’re going to deliver! This will make an excellent companion piece to the Dave’s Hobby Tips series on YouTube, although it won’t feature his soothing Mancunian accent. We’re sure you’ll get by somehow.

The Nexus Psi expansion will be available to pre-order on Friday 14th February – make sure you check back for more info!

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