The DreadBall Kickstarter is rolling on, unlocking the Kovossian Mutant Plague Team!  The front page graphics have all been updated with all of the stretch goals – we recommend a pledge of Rampage, which includes a free team of your choice and a number of funky MVPs.


But what is Xtreme?

DreadBall is already a violent, brutal sport, but it is made all the worse when it’s taken underground. Intimidation is a key tactic employed by sponsors and blackmail is seen as the norm – rarely do the criminal scum that play the game have nothing to hide.

In the following video, we explore 5 ways in which Xtreme is more violent than original DreadBall. Of course, we want you to join in as well and let us know your ideas for things that we could put into the game.

We’ve already got Convict collars and bloodsucking aliens – what other depraved things should we include?! Let us know in the comments!

The DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter is now on and finished on the 16th March – pledge now and help us break through some stretch goals and give you some more free stuff!

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