Last weekend saw the English Language launch of Warpath, and by the end of the month it will be out in German and Spanish too!
Once we have designed the game, sculpted the models, the artwork is completed, cut the tools, shipped the components to the warehouse, assembled the games, and dispatched them off to our retailers and distributors I have just one job left to do – and the one job I enjoy most!

For the last 6 months we have been working with so many different areas to make this game launch come together, and as you would expect with such a huge undertaking there have been a few surprises along the way! However, with every challenge our partners and suppliers came forward with a solution or offers of help, and in the end we shipped the game 20 days early.

To Mike M, Jonas S, Alessio, Bob N, Remy, Roberto, Guy, Sean and Dillon – plus ring mistress Collette Pollard – thank you!


To Terry and Joan at Renedra, our fantastic and reliable tool maker for once again pulling out all the stops and getting us all the stock early and in huge quantities, and to our two new tool makers, to our printers MRP, to Bernard, Alberto and Clive in the Warehouse (plus all the helpers!) – thank you – you have made, shipped and collated over 500,000 components in the last 4 weeks – an incredible achievement!

To our distributors all around the world, our retailers, mail order customers, Mantic fans, Beasts of War, Bell of Lost Souls, Dakka Dakka, TMP, The Miniatures Page, Ravage, Tabletop Insider and Unseen Lerker, the newly formed Pathfinders and all the other forums and review sites that have supported the launch, plus Chris Palmer who has kept the news flow rolling on the blog, and Josh, Ken, Joe and the now retired Mat – thank you.  Your hard work went to make October 2011 the biggest month Mantic has ever had!

And finally, I want to thank all the saying thank you to all the fantastic people who helped the launch that I have forgotten to mention – I know there is many of you, and everyone at Mantic appreciates your help.

Apologies for the soppy post – the next one will be back to talk about massive battles and cool models – and now in Space AND in a fantasy world near you!

best wishes


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