As we approach the $200k milestone we thought we would share the vision we have for the DreadBall game. With the fantastic support we have received so far, and with so much time to go, we think we could get this supported all the way, so read on and find out about the vision Ronnie and Jake share for the future of Dreadball, and see if you want to ‘Get in the game’…

Hi everyone, Ronnie here from Mantic.

I thought as we passed the monumental milestone of 1000 pledgers now was the right time to share some of the visions we have for DreadBall. While each of the points I make will be covered in far more detail over the coming weeks, I thought an overview would help excite you all to the same level of anticipation I am in with this game.

I have felt from the first time I played the ‘final prototype’ of DreadBall that it was an amazing game, and from the play test days and from every development and feedback session it had gotten better and better. I knew Mantic would be able to support it with amazing miniatures – the last 3 years has allowed us to develop a network of great concept artists, sculptors, graphic designers and painters – and on this project there would be no expense spared. This meant I really felt we would bring a sensational game to the market. With Mantic’s pedigree as a real hobby company I knew could support it – we just needed a great forum to launch it…

When we started the Kickstarter we genuinely had no idea where we would get to. The Kings of War one had taught us a lot, but this was a new venture – so we planned for three scenarios!

1) If we had done $80- $100k in the KS we would have been pleased (but not delighted)! We would have got a great leg-up with the tooling and up-spec-ing the base set – it would have helped develop the game and the 4 core teams and given the game a super platform to launch from – but we are already well past that, with 21 days still to go!! So Scenario 1 is history.

2) We have around the $400k area where we will have been able to launch the game with a big splash, have a community behind it – and commit to and produce all of ‘DreadBall Season 2’ – with 4 more new teams, and rules and models for cheerleaders, Coaches, and a pile of great MVP’s – the whole 9 yards (sorry!). This is possible, but with 21 days to go, and such fantastic support so far (1000 backers already!) we could well get past this by a long way.

3) If we sail on past those figures (the $1m mark looks nice!), we will have 2 more sets we can launch, one of which is another complete game called DreadBall Xtreme. Anything over $400k Mantic will also be able to hugely support organised play, and the Striker! reward level will get over 80 models!

– So, first let’s look at ‘DreadBall Ultimate’ – as we go past $400k we will look at 4 more teams, some more MVP’s – but this is the expansion where Jake gets free reign – he also has designs on multi-hex players for the teams – big robots, large creatures and massive damage. It will also allow him to create a world series type tournament – so some really sensational stuff.

– Then we go down and dirty with ‘DreadBall Xtreme’ – where the game comes out of the arena, and into the street! It has no referees, extreme violence, extreme teams (pick your players from any list you want – you want an Orc guard and Veer-myn striker – you got it!) Add in a new pitch and 3D terrain and you can see why getting all the way up there would be very, very exciting!!!

As you would expect from Mantic we will be arranging a hosts of tournaments to get the competitive play up and running, and with the world knowing there are 3 expansions on the way (and backers getting them all – and early) we hope to have a thriving growing community right out of the blocks. We will also have this range available from all good retailers across the world, making the game available to new comers, and with Mantic’s great value for money we will be able to draw in more new players.

With 7 more teams, over 12 new MVP’s, 4 coaches, 4 (maybe more if you want them) cheerleaders, 3 expansions and new pitches to take this on to new heights, supported by sponsored tournament and competitive play we have loads and loads to play for.

In the next few days we have the game play video, a number of interviews, a competition on Board Game Geek and several other big surprises, so stay close.

So what do you think – do you want to get into the game?

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