We’re quickly approaching the Warpath release date of the 11/11/11 and to say thank you for all your support and patience during the build-up, we are including a £5 off on your next order voucher in all orders over £25/€35 and $45*. All current Warpath pre-orders will get this £5 off voucher included in their order as well to say thank you for ordering with Mantic Games!


But the ‘thank you’ doesn’t stop there – we’re offering double Mantic Points in all orders until the 11th November!

We’ve also updated our Mantic Points rewards to include the new Warpath miniatures. New to the collection are:

Marauder Warlord
Forge Father Huscarl
Marauder Grunts
Forge Father Steel Warriors
Warpath Launch Party Single Ticket

What this means is that you can redeem free Warpath miniatures and accessories with your hard earned Mantic Points, found free in every Mantic boxset.

Marauder-WarlordGet this beast free in your Order with Mantic Points

For those of you who don’t know how to redeem your points, here’s a handy link: What are Mantic Points?

To re-cap – Double Mantic Points and a £5 voucher until the 11th November. My spies are also telling me that we’re down to the last few Warpath T-Shirts, so this will be the last weekend we’re offering the free T-Shirt as part of our Warpath Army Deals.

* This voucher will be included up until the 11th November, expires December 4th.

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